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1) I had a perfectly marvelous 55th birthday, and I'm hoping that as I have begun, so shall I continue.

2) I have acquired new tap shoes that fit me better and I'm delighted with them. I took my first class in them yesterday. My feet felt better, I didn't get unreasonably tired, and I mastered the steps we were doing a little quicker, I think, for not having to compensate for shoes that were too long. I'm actually looking forward to practicing!

3) I am excited about the new Doctor. It was time for a woman and I find myself ready to reengage with the series. I liked Matt Smith well enough but found the storytelling in his seasons weirdly disjointed. I liked Peter Capaldi, but after disengaging with Matt Smith's Doctor, I found myself unable to reengage. I am curious and excited about Jodie Whittaker as 13. I'm in and look forward to her premiere. When, now, is the regeneration episode?

4) Farewell to actor Martin Landau and director/auteur George Romero. Landau looms largest in my experience as Commander Koenig of Moon Base Alpha in Space: 1999 and, of course, as Bela Lugosi in the film "Ed Wood." I know, I know, Mission: Impossible--but I was too young to be captured by it at the time. As for Romero, he changed the world with "Night of the Living Dead." He certainly changed the horror genre, giving us a new kind of monster that has survived generations and multiple iterations. Respect to both of these gentlemen.

5) I need to devote a couple of evenings to finishing laying down the ideas for the board game I've been thinking about. This idea will not let go.
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I had all these ambitions, after WorldCon, to write a complete trip report, to write about the possible crime I was a witness to (about which I may still write) and to write here more frequently in general. Instead, what's happened is that I haven't finished my trip report and I haven't written anything since then, even though I continue to read LJ every day faithfully. :: sigh :: Best intentions and all that. So, in lieu of all the stuff I haven't written about, I want to make some brief observations, and then I need to get started with my day.

1) The Congressional vote to defund Planned Parenthood, while unlikely to get past the Senate, is one more demonstration that the Republican party isn't about conservatism. It's about control--controlling anyone and anything they feel is a threat. In this case, it's women and lower-income people. The insecurity it betrays would be laughable if it weren't so sinister and driven by so much money.

2) My desk is clean and usable for the first time in a couple of years. I'm using it at we speak. Keep an eye out for winged pigs flinging themselves skyward.

3) The new season of Doctor Who has begun on BBCA. I watched the premier and, though I liked Peter Capaldi's portrayal, I was less than impressed with the episode as a whole. The channel ran a Doctor Who marathon yesterday including a couple of episodes that are particular favorites of mine. I miss Tennant as the Doctor, and I adore the episode "Vincent and the Doctor."

4) I have read a number of books since the last time I wrote about reading at all, including
--"The Philosopher Kings" by Jo Walton ([ profile] papersky, which I enjoyed more than "The Just City," the first book in what is apparently a duology. "Philosopher Kings" moved at a quicker pace than its prequel, exploring the wider world in which her characters live, but it had its difficult-to-read moments. I had less of a sense of the project being a thought experiment than I did the first. I was more involved overall. Walton's asked some interesting questions in these books and they bear thought. They are not my favorite of her work, but they were worth reading and considering
--"The Goblin Emperor" by Katherine Addison (Sarah Monette) which, while I enjoyed it, I was kind of baffled by in that while it's certainly set in a fantasy world with fantasy races at its center, it's really just an engaging court intrigue novel. The plot did not turn on any of the fantastic elements. It might have easily been told about a human court and nothing would have been lost. Rather disappointed by that. It did not get my first vote in the Best Hugo category this year.
--"The Ghost Brigades" and "The Last Colony" by John Scalzi, both set in his "Old Man's War" universe, both excellent fun and enjoyable space opera. I've said it before and I'll say it again: if the Sad Puppies didn't dislike him so much, they'd enjoy the hell out of his work.

5) Autumn is a beautiful season, but it is proving a tough one this year. And I'm so not ready for winter.

6) I'm currently reading "The Bone Clocks" by David Mitchell (author of "Cloud Atlas"). It's delicious reading, brilliantly literary and yet clearly in-genre fantasy. I was about to write a whole separate post ranting about why no one is paying attention to David Mitchell as a writer of fantastic fiction and what an injustice it is. Before I got halfway through my screed, I went to check this year's World Fantasy Award nominees. And there's Mitchell, nominated for "The Bone Clocks" for best novel. OK, then.
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Sunday was about breakfast and shopping.

We started the day at Slappy Cakes, a Portland restaurant where the tables have griddles set into their surfaces and where patrons can, if they choose, make their own pancakes. It was part of the JayCon weekend festivities, so we were there with a delightful crowd, many of whom I hadn't seen on Saturday, though they were, in fact, at Flying Pie for the party, including [ profile] fjm in from the UK. Jay's Niece made confidently knowledgeable recommendations about the pancake add-ins and toppings I should try. I had a moment of "Wow, this kid is poised," and then remembered the gene pool from which she sprang--no surprises there, just delightful confirmation of how nature and nurture combine. My pancake concoction included a buttermilk batter, bacon, and hazelnuts, with a dab of nutella and a little maple-flavored syrup. (The attendant forgot to bring the apples I'd hoped to include.) The sweet-and-savory thing wins again. The attendant gave me so much nutella (and charged so much for it) that I took home leftovers and had a little bit this morning on a rice cake. All delicious, and the visiting with everyone was quite fine. Spent a little more time with Jay though, as I said yesterday, it wasn't nearly enough because time with friends is never enough. But I'm glad we went. Breakfast was delish and the company even more so.

Here are [ profile] lillypond, [ profile] davidlevine and [ profile] kateyule at breakfast. David demonstrated pancake prep technique with great focus and seriousness. I am proud to point out that the lovely golden brown pancake on the griddle was one of mine.
Q, David, and Kate at Slappy Cakes

[ profile] fjm photographs [ profile] lillypond:
Farah photographs Q

And here's the guest of honor, bright eyed and bushy-faced, with the impressively articulate Niece in the foreground:
Jay and the Niece

After the meal, [ profile] davidlevine, [ profile] kateyule and I went to the mall, there to refurbish David's wardrobe, now that he's discovered that he ought to be wearing men's slim-cut shirts, him being more-or-less the definition of slim. We had some success in the endeavor. I got a pair of leggings and an adorable top at Forever 21, of all places (and for cheap, too). Sadly, we didn't have that kind of success for Kate, though I am determined to do so on the next visit, one way or the other.

And then I was off to the train for the ride home. I passed out almost as soon as the train began to move and slept for about an hour. Spent the rest of the trip reading and playing Ticket To Ride on my iPad. Very recursive.

Spent the evening with [ profile] ironymaiden, C and E catching up on the most recent season of Doctor Who. It was so good to see my Seattle people. As for Who, the last couple of seasons just really haven't grabbed me. Sure, they're entertaining and all, but I haven't felt compelled to watch nor particularly attached to the characters. It's just fun adventure TV now. We have three episodes left of the season to watch so no spoilers please.

It was nice to come home to my space and my cats, even though it was rather later than I'd originally intended. Both of the kitties wanted attention, which they received. And now, it's time for me to swing into the work week. I wish i had a day of recovery before diving back into the thick of things.
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1) Readercon has overturned the decision to ban harasser Rene Walling for only two years and has instead banned him for life, as they should have done to begin with. Their announcement and apology is professional, thorough, and completely appropriate, and my respect for the concom is enormous.

2) Last night, NASA successfully landed a rover the size of a Mini Cooper on the surface of Mars using an innovative system designed to protect the vehicle and allow it to start working immediately. I watched the whole thing online via the NASA web site. The sheer excitement about the event across the country was wonderful to behold, and watching the eruption of joy in the control room when a safe landing was confirmed was uplifting. I love that an enormous crowd filled Times Square to watch the event and chanted "Science! Science! Science!" in response to the success. These are things that give me hope for the future. Follow Curiosity on Twitter.

3) Lest we forget, Opportunity still roves the surface of Mars doing important science, five years after it first landed.

4) The trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who fills me with delight, even in the wake of last season's plot holes, logic problems, and irredeemable gaffes. I'll be there against all reason. I loves me the Doctor.

5) I am not sure what else to put here for a fifth thing. Ideas anybody? Questions for me? Thoughts?

Elisabeth Sladen

Tue, Apr. 19th, 2011 01:42 pm
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Actress Elisabeth Sladen was best known in her role as Sarah Jane, the fourth (and tenth) Doctor's courageous, plucky journalist companion on Doctor Who. The BBC is reporting that she has passed away--of cancer. I didn't encounter Sladen/Sarah Jane until her appearance in the new Doctor Who series, but said introduction provided an entry point into older Who episodes.

Thanks, Ms. Sladen, for creating a memorable, admirable character.
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Not a bad week, all in all. Work at the day job continues to be slow, but things are beginning to pick up, and I can see where next week is going to shift into higher gear. I interviewed a new editor for my team today who will beef up our ranks.

Writing continues apace, about 500 words per day more or less. I don't know how this short story is going to end. I thought I did, but I've made a couple of changes, and suddenly I'm not quite sure where I'm going. This is how I end up with UFOs on my hard drive. (That stands for unfinished objects, in case you were wondering.) I don't want another UFO on my hard drive. I want a finished story. I'll push on tonight and see where it gets me. What do you do when a story seems to get away from you?

I had a lovely evening with [ profile] varina8 last night. I made dinner, and we watched three episodes of the Eccleston Doctor Who (hence the icon). We've been working our way toward Captain Jack's introduction--which comes with our next get-together, whenever that may be. I'm really enjoying reviewing the first season of NuWho. It's fun to rediscover the show like this, and it really does bear up under rewatching. And it's fun to watch [ profile] varina8 discover it episode by episode.

This past week was my first on Weight Watchers. My first weigh-in was Tuesday night, and I was down three pounds, which makes me cautiously optimistic. I found myself not quite missing sweet things the way I thought I might, which is good. Today, however, I found myself pacing my apartment like a caged animal trying not to binge. I ended up eating some air-popped popcorn, which is about as light as popcorn gets, and that definitely helped. It also helped that I saved some points so I could have a mocha during my interview.

The only other thing going on is that I'll have company this weekend, and I have some cleaning up and decluttering to do before company arrives. Spanky's usually good about staying out from under foot when I'm cleaning, but because Sophie really isn't, I purchased one of those cat toys that occasionally lets loose a treat. That's kept her occupied for hours. Must watch it, though. I want to preserve her lovely figure.
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Mark Twain sealed his autobiography until 100 years after his death. Time's up (with thanks to [ profile] the_monkey_king).

Photographer Philippe Halsman believed that people reveal their true natures when they jump. To see those natures, he asked the good and great (including the likes of Salvador Dali, Marilyn Monroe, Richard Nixon, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, among others) to leap before his camera. An exhibit of the resulting photographs is going on in NYC. You can read about it at the New York Times and/or go directly to the exhibitors' Web site and see these marvelous black-and-white photographs. (Scroll down the gallery page to see the pix.)

Religion Dispatches has discovered Doctor Who and is completely smitten. They're running a thoughtful and occasionally downright fannish series of articles on the philosophical themes of the new series and the current season. Read part one and part two. Good stuff.

The Yankees are banning iPads from Yankee Stadium. On the one hand, I get it--it could prove a distraction to other game attendees, like a smartphone in a movie theater; on the other hand, how...odd. (Thanks to [ profile] frankwu.)

Saturday night, when I went to bed, I heard the oddest percussion on the air. I thought maybe it was wind or some muffled music from a neighbor's yard. It turns out that the sound was fireworks from a private party in Ballard. Hey, [ profile] ironymaiden, invite me to the party next time, will ya? :-)

Busy, busy weekend

Sun, May. 2nd, 2010 10:58 am
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In support of [ profile] jackwiliambell's new liberty, I invited him to my place for dinner on Friday night. He, in turn, brought over his computer and we watched the first episode of Doctor Who featuring the new Doctor played by Matt Smith. On which more in a moment.

Breakfast and Free Comic Book Day: We had breakfast Saturday at Julia's of Wallingford, where Jack--the WA state native--had never been! I had two pancakes bigger than my head, and he had a substantial breakfast burrito. We then indulged in a morning of Free Comic Book Day by stopping at Comics Dungeon (where I picked up four free comics plus "Fables: Animal Farm," and "Farscape: Red Sky at Morning pt 2" [the latter written by our own [ profile] kradical]). We then stopped at Arcane Comics in Ballard, where I picked up "Air" and "Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction." In total, my freebies included Iron Man, Superman, Mouse Guard, and Artifacts. I have some fun reading coming up.

Parties!: We spent the afternoon working, me on freelance stuff, Jack on I'm not sure what--until it was time to head to the Eastside for [ profile] bravado111's book release party. It was big and loud and full of kids. The company was excellent; too many fine folks to name them all here. There was really good barbecue and a bit of dancing and the appearance of ax-weilding Vikings who'd gotten lost on the way to Valhalla. We then party-hopped to Vanguard, where I was witness to a discussion of fannish/fanzine politics, during which there was a digression about April Fool's pranks. [ profile] kate_schaefer brought up the only April Fool's stunt I ever pulled (which I was surprised--and, yes, delighted--that she remembered). I learned things about my fellow Vanguardians that I didn't know. And then, around 11:30 PM, I hit the wall and it was really, really time to go home.

Today [ profile] jackwilliambell and I both have things we need to take care of individually, so he has departed for the day. I'll be spending most of the day on my computer doing work of one sort or another. But first...

Doctor Who (no spoilers): So, on Friday night, Jack and I watched "Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour," which featured the debut of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor. I have been skeptical of Smith, who has more of a baby face than any other actor to play the Doctor thus far. He still felt a little young to me watching the episode, but by the end of the hour, I was ready to give him the benefit of the doubt for at least a few more episodes. I like the new companion, Amy: she has pluck, though I'd like to see her take the initiative a bit more. I'll cut her slack for this first hour; she's only just had her first real exposure to the Doctor and the way events tumble and cascade around him. I admit curiosity about what comes next. Jack, [ profile] markbourne, and [ profile] ironymaiden all have the episodes available if we can get together to watch them. I want to see more...but first...

Freelance work: Right before I went to Oregon last weekend, I finished work on one freelance project that I'm quite proud of. I've been working on another freelance job, too, and am going to spend the better part of today devoted to it. I'm looking forward to getting it completed and off my plate. I need to set myself some limits on what I accept, because I feel a little overwhelmed and out of control of my own time right now. I suspect I'm capable of one freelance job plus the KQ book review thing while working at a day job--but no more than that. I've had digestive distress on a pretty regular basis the last two weeks that's been painful and, on more than one occasion, nearly debilitating, all of which I've concluded is the result not of some stomach bug, but stress at a high level. This is not okay, and no amount of money is worth the unhappiness that has resulted. I'm fixing it.

Awesomeness on my flist: I wanted to point people to some awesomeness on my flist. First up, [ profile] fringefaan links us to this really cool Web project called "You Wear Your Weight Well." You really need to see his post, and then link through to the project. Second, finally provides us with a way to make kitties pull their weight at home. And lastly, today is another day of coolness at Post Secrets.

And that's all the news for the morning. Off to work....
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Doctor Who: The End of Time, part II, including spoilers )

I want to take a moment to say goodbye to David Tennant as the Doctor. I wasn't sure about him when I heard he was taking over for Eccleston, whom I flat-out adored. But he won me over in mere moments during that 2005 Children in Need Special. His looks didn't hurt my willingness to accept him, but it was his performance, full of heart and steel, that won me over. Though I wrote my longest piece of fanfic about Nine, I wrote more pieces overall about Ten, most of which sprung out of nuances in Tennant's performance almost more than they did from the stories. His Doctor has always felt things deeply and always loved a little more than he should have. Weirdly, I'll miss his eyebrows--almost comic-book in their definition, especially when the Doctor curled them in thought or concern. It's like you can see the stroke of a pen in that brow, an elongated S over an intense eye and a mouth clamped shut in concentration. He brought the look of an ancient mind to a youthful face and I bought the dichotomy completely.

Thanks, Mr. Tennant, for a wonderful incarnation of the Doctor. Matt Smith may be filling your shoes, but he'll never really take your place.


Subjects about which I want to write:
* Doctor Who: The End of Time Part II
* Demons, a new supernatural series on BBCA
* The new part-time job
* When they're interviewing you, you're interviewing them
* Book review/report on Ken Scholes' novel Lamentation
* [ profile] kijjohnson's surprise party
* Upcoming travel
* Missing the ghosts of early American history
* The new season of Big Love
* Book review/report on Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

More anon...

Movies and TV

Wed, Dec. 30th, 2009 09:52 pm
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Last night, I hied myself to [ profile] jackwilliambell's place. The plan was to have dinner together, watch TiVoed episodes of Mythbusters and Doctor Who and then head out to see Avatar.

Mythbusters: Mini-myths )

Doctor Who: The End of Time )

Avatar )

I spent most of today getting little things done here and there, trying to prepare for New Year's Eve. The moon is gorgeous tonight. Closer to sunset, it was a large silvery coin shining through the fir tree branches. Now, it's a blurred silver presence behind hazy clouds. It's a blue moon tomorrow night--second full moon this month. Very cool indeed.
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Got together last night with my usual Doctor Who crew to view this year's Christmas special, "The Next Doctor." No spoilers here: I just want to say that I enjoyed it hugely and that it was, generally speaking, a vast improvement over recent past efforts. At this point, I think my quality rating/favorites in order from best to worst would be:

--The Next Doctor (David Morrisey has stolen my heart, and the super-sized surprise was pretty cool even if it was an RTD moment)
--The Christmas Invasion (Rose spends way too much time weeping, the Doctor too much time sleeping, but the Sycorax are cool, Harriet Jones is back, the Doctor and Rose rediscover each other, and I dig the whole blood control storyline)
--The Runway Bride (Donna was too obnoxious to live)
--Voyage of the Damned (Blech!)

The company was quite fine, and the food was delicious.

Oh, and the big news is that the snow is melting and finally, finally my car is on the move and I'm mobile again. Yay!
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It's a sign of the level of crabbiness I'm feeling today that when someone on the Doctor Who forum on Live Journal proposed that John Kovalic create a Doctor Who version of the game Munchkin, that I chimed in that it was a licensing issue and it would probably cost way more to buy the license than the game would ultimately make.
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This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands.

I was cruising this afternoon and discovered that their location list includes penny machines in Cardiff. Now, as some of you may recall, I was in Cardiff last September specifically to visit locations related to Doctor Who and Torchwood. Weirdly, I did not bother to check about whether or not there were penny-smashing machines in the city before I went. Well, turns out that I should have. At the Doctor Who Exhibition (though I didn't see it) there apparently was a machine providing a smashed penny with a TARDIS on it. And apparently there's machine at the Millennium Center also, with four really cool designs.

I feel like an idiot, having missed these. I've written to my penny-smashing cohorts to see if anyone has extras for trade, and I've posted to the LJ Doctor Who community to see if there's anyone in Cardiff willing to make a trip for me. I suspect I'm out of luck but a girl can hope.

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If Google does turn over its records to Viacom as a result of a New York judge's order, it occurs to me that what Viacom will discover about me is that I watch none of its TV shows online or off. If they dig into my profile, they'll find me watching Doctor Who fan vids, Star Trek fan vids, the occasional Keith Olbermann special comment and silly Hellboy promos. Much good may the data do them.

The discovery of an ancient Hebrew tablet that may shed light on Jewish and early Christian ideas about the messiah presents some interesting questions about the evolution of proto-Christian theology and what Jews--or a small sect thereof--really thought about the role and signs of a savior. The story put me in mind of the reaction of the Lubuvitchers when Rabbi Schneerson died. Fascinating stuff.

I don't know why this delighted me as much as it did, but because it did, I offer it to you, my readers:'s The Fake Intelligence Organizations and Spy Networks of Science Fiction.

And while you're over at, take a look at their analysis of Stephen Moffat's work on Doctor Who, and how he may not be the genius we've all been taking him for. It's an interesting perspective. Curious to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Thomas M. Disch has committed suicide. It's a loss for the field. I'm saddened by his decision that a final exit was his only solution.

Lastly, I've been reworking my resume today, with enormous help from [ profile] e_bourne. And now, as I draw toward the finish line, I feel the avoidance, anxiety and uncertainty that has been attendant to this entire process rearing its head again. It's why I just spent the last 90 minutes writing this entry. It's why I spent the prior 15 minutes pacing the living room and talking to the cats. I promised myself I'd finish my resume rewrite tonight and get it into the mail to the two people who asked for it before I go to bed. I've got to keep that promise. But my head is full of all the ways I might avoid that result because I find myself so worked up about all this. I keep hoping for compelling e-mail or a telephone call to distract me, but I've got to finish this. I've got to push through it. I hate how this makes me feel.

ETA 10:11 PM: Resume completed and sent. Now a different sort of anxiety kicks in. I should go to bed. ::sigh::
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Children of the Corn dishware
Children of the Corn dishware,
originally uploaded by scarlettina.
Spent a lovely day today with [ profile] e_bourne and [ profile] markbourne in Snohomish, Washington state's antiquing capital. We all came away with our little treasures (about which more in a moment), but we also saw some of the most . . . remarkable things. I had to photograph them for posterity. There are only 6 pictures in the photoset you'll see when you click on the picture, but they're doozies.

I should note that [ profile] exiledfromtribe's name came up more than once as I spotted Franciscan dishes and other bits and things he collects. I was put in mind of our one excursion to Snohomish, a fine and lovely day.

So, what did we all come home with? [ profile] e_bourne came home with three new teapots for her collection. [ profile] markbourne came home with a couple of nifty fridge magnets. And I? I came home with a couple of coins for the collection, plus what may be the ugliest little thing I now own: a small, circa 1940 plant pot in the shape of a green pig. Sounds awful, doesn't it? I don't know why or how it happened, but I ended up finding it irresistible. Somehow, I just find it really sweet. Sometime tomorrow, I shall plant a baby jade plant in it, place it upon the windowsill and hope for the best. I figure I'm allowed one lapse in good taste every five years or so.

The day concluded with my joining my companions at their home for a screening of the new Doctor Who episode, "The Unicorn and the Wasp," which was a fun romp. I then retired home, where I've just been enjoying a quiet evening.

The one blight upon the day has been Merlin's apparent physical discomfort this evening. He's been spitting up every now and then since I got home tonight. It seems to be digestive, because otherwise he's got quite a bit of energy, is jumping on me and on the bed with all the power and grace of his usual self, and being as affectionate as ever; he's just spitting up. I'm not sure what to make of it. I don't like it. All this said, he's an 18 year old cat, and some of this sort of thing is to be expected with age. But it's still not a pleasant thing for either one of us. I'm going to keep an eye on him. If this continues in the morning, I may have to make a decision about either going to my second SIFF film or taking him to the emergency clinic. I'd hate to do the latter. Here's hoping it's not necessary.
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I realize that I have posted nothing of substance for days. For some reason, lately, I'm just not much in update mode. Perhaps that's partly because I'm living my life rather than writing about it. But for those who are curious, and for my own record keeping, I'll share the following:

E came over on Saturday and helped me get through another coat of paint in the small room. I have one more wall that needs a third coat (did I mention that the color is called Cranberry Punch?), and that will finish the vertical walls. After that, I paint the ceiling and then I move in. Honestly, I can't wait, mainly because I'll be able to shift some of the clutter out of the living room at last. I know the room switcheroo is going to be worth it, but it's a lot of work in the meanwhile.

I can't ever remember it being so cool in August. This weather, she is freaky.

Got my last shots for the Kenya trip. My shoulders are sore, but at least the Band-aids are symmetrical. Still need to get that malaria scrip.

I have received my TARDIS USB hub. I have also received my copy of Short Trips: Destination Prague (with tips of the hat to [ profile] kradical and [ profile] stephen_dedman among others). I am a happy fan-girl.

And now I am off to bed.

Much goodness

Sat, Jul. 28th, 2007 09:22 am
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New job has started: good so far. More details anon.

Rewatched Doctor Who: "Boomtown" last night over dinner. I love David Tennant with a serious love but, gee, I miss Eccleston, too. And you know? It's a damfine episode. And in a total fan girl moment, I used a credit-card rewards certificate to completely indulge myself and purchased this: A TARDIS four-port USB hub. If there was any doubt before, there's no doubt now. I'm a geek.

Clarion West party last night: good, fun, but I didn't last past midnight. I must be getting old. [ profile] therinth, do you have D's contact info perchance? He got my card but I didn't get his.

Slept like a rock. Really. Best sleep I've had in ages.

Today I finish emptying the small room. E comes over, we pick colors, and we paint! This could mean that by next weekend I'll be looking for furniture moving help (a bed and a dresser, mainly). Also, possibly, help deciding which art goes into the new room and where.

So many things I want to journal about and so little time. Things are all good, though. That's the main thing.
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Streetlights that shut down when the moon is full, the history of street lighting, and its effect on city living. Coolness.

[ profile] webcowgirl points out this very funny Harry Potter spoiler list which won't spoil anything for anyone, but which I found hugely entertaining, especially if you know your movie references.

In the "I am an unrepentant fan-girl" category, I found this very fine Doctor Who fan-vid about the Doctor versus the Master that I wanted to share. Some really good timing and nice clip choices here. You might not dig the song per se, but I think it really works.

Wrote 950 words on the novel last night and made progress on the freelance project. Still want to post about Deathly Hallows but just haven't had any time, and I'm back to work today. Gotta adjust myself to the new schedule again....
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This is what happens when you surf on YouTube.

I was clicking around a bunch of Doctor Who clips and music videos when I discovered a series of videos from John Barrowman's Kennedy Center cabaret (which appears to have been pre-Captain Jack). There's some wonderful stuff here, mostly Broadway tunes with a couple of popular numbers, so I wanted to share it. The deeper into the show he gets, the better it gets. And he has a terrific tenor (in case you didn't know). Enjoy!

Part 1:"Love Changes Everything," "Fools Rush In" (done as a doo-wop, which is kind of hilarious)
Part 2: Includes "Moon River," "Boonie Doone,"
Part 3: Broadway/Cohan medley (he even plays a piccolo), "So Easy to Love"
Part 4: Selections from "Sunset Boulevard", "If I Only Had A Brain"
Part 5: Includes "Hero" (This may be my favorite piece in the whole show....), "Live Alone and Like It" from "Dick Tracey"
Part 6: Includes selections from "Company" (hey, [ profile] a_private_fox, he sings "Being Alive"), the song "Dreamers"

Turns out the whole video is on the Kennedy Center web site, which you can see here but at least above you've got chapters....
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Got together last night with [ profile] markbourne, E, [ profile] ironymaiden, and C to watch the last three episodes of Doctor Who season three, those being "Utopia," "The Sound of Drums," and "Last of the Time Lords." There are things I loved and things I loathed about each episode. Long, and lotsa notes here.

Thoughts on Utopia )

Thoughts on The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords )

On the Doctor and his companions: here there be more spoilers )


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