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This weekend started out with almost no plans on Saturday and no plans at all on Monday. Within the space of 15 minutes, I had plans for Saturday, and now have plans for Monday. Holy cats, things heat up quickly!

Yesterday, I stopped by Fusion Beads because they were having a trunk show by a Portland lapidary whose work I quite like, and who often has Fordite available. Scored two beautiful pieces--one for a gift and one to make a pendant for myself--and took off.

Picked up CM and headed over to the Rocky Pond Winery tasting room in Woodinville, there to see [personal profile] lagilman and to taste Rocky Pond's new rose which is, I have to say, terrific. CM and I had an excellent catch up, lunch at Mazatlan, and then came home. We'd considered doing more tasting (Woodinville is lousy with tasting rooms--you couldn't possibly do them all even in a single weekend), but we both had other things to take care of.

I got home and ended up napping--that's what I get for drinking wine before lunch! And then I was off to parts south to meet TB for dinner and to do barcon at PaizoCon. It was a charming evening. My friend Stan! was impressed by my schmoozing skills; apparently he's never seen me in action at a convention before. I was entertained by how gobsmacked he seemed. It was a little strange, too, at the same time, until I realized that even though we've known each other for years and we're both convention denizens, we've never been at the same convention together. TB was a charming dinner partner and I expect we'll get together again.

And that was just the first day of the weekend! I hope that today will be a little less frenzied (even though yesterday was great). I need to slow down in the heat a bit.


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