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So, it was quite the storm today: major winds and rain, just as predicted. Many folks I know lost power and still haven't gotten it back yet. My power flickered a couple of times but it remained on. Glad I didn't have to deal with an outage.

So here's a thing going on that I haven't mentioned: I'm interviewing with Facebook tomorrow. It's a second interview--a first with the hiring manager. The position is based on Menlo Park and if I took the job, I'd have to move. Here's the thing: I had a first interview with the recruiter and told her, point blank, that though working for FB would be exciting, the role we're discussing would be a lateral move for me and I'm really interested in something that would be a promotion. She insisted that I talk with the hiring manager, that though it might be a lateral move, Facebook is so big that it was likely I could move in the organization within a year or a little more.

In email, I received links from someone else on the recruitment team that they suggested I review before the meeting. I'm looking at them now, knowing what my role would be, and I find I'm just bored. I've done this all before. I agreed to talk to the hiring manager, but I can't imagine much that would motivate me to take the job, sell my home (or rent it from a distance--bleh), and move my entire life to northern California unless promotion would be guaranteed and the money would be spectacular. But no one can guarantee promotion and money can only make up for so much.

What all this boils down to is that I find myself wondering if I'm done with working on the web. Or, at least, working in content. I've been so dissatisfied with my day job lately that I find it hard to focus and not to snap at coworkers. I just get impatient with people (especially the woman who recruited me for the job I have now; she doesn't realize exactly how condescending she comes across and it's infuriating). But I don't know what I'd do next. There's a piece of me that would like to toss this 40-hours-a-week thing, but I have a mortgage and other bills to pay and, at my age, I admit that I've become accustomed to living in a certain way. I've been building security for retirement and I don't want to stop that. Also, I don't do well with financial uncertainty.

So there we are. I know I need to do some evaluation. I'm not even sure how to start. But I do know one thing: I can't go on being frustrated and unhappy at work. Something's got to give.
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I was all set to get up this morning and review the first two films I've seen at this year's Seattle International Film Festival. I thought I might write about my next big international trip, currently in its delightful planning stages. But no. This morning, you get a rant, because I'm pissed off.

I'm pretty picky about my mornings. I set my alarm clock for a particular time. I enjoy waking up to a kitty who wants to cuddle (even if she's being a pill about it). I enjoy the warmth of blankets long slept in, and the relaxation following a good night's sleep.

But every now and then, this morning pleasantness is broken by a phone ringing, usually somewhere around 6:30-7:00 AM as it was this morning. Now, like most people, if a phone rings at a time outside what might be considered normal, reasonable hours (say, I don't know, 9 AM to 9 PM), I get a little worried. Most people don't call other people outside of said hours unless something is wrong or something is urgent. My experience of such calls is dramatic enough that I get a shot of adrenaline when I hear a ringer, and I will bolt out of bed to get the phone, worried about what I might hear.

This morning, as has happened a couple of other times, the call was from a recruiter with a foreign accent, calling to ask if I was interested in a job opportunity. Sometimes these guys are calling from Bangalore. Sometimes they're calling from Atlanta. I understand that it's this guy's job to make cold calls looking for client prospects. But--DAMN IT--I don't care how polite and well-mannered you are, manners and politesse don't matter if you're calling at a time when someone might be freaked out by a phone call. They don't matter when you're pulling someone out of bed. If your job is to make a sales connection, at least have the brains to look at an area code, a map, and a clock and figure out whether or not a call at such a time might be welcome or might piss off your prospect. These people are probably trained to call at an hour when prospective clients might be home and available--but early in the morning will invariably piss me off.

I have, on occasion, tried to educate such cold callers in as restrained a manner as I possibly can. Really, I try to be polite but firm, and insist that perhaps they ought to be aware that Seattle is three hours behind Newark, twelve hours behind New Delhi, and so on. This morning, I didn't have the patience for that. I was polite but surly (I'm currently employed; no, I don't know anyone else looking for this sort of work) and the caller was bewildered. He was well-trained; he stayed polite and thanked me for my time, but I hung up before he could conclude his patter.

I think the worst thing about this phenomenon is how many of these calls I took when I was really desperate for work, how many of these people tried to engage me, and what they actually did was take my resume and never respond to me again despite normal follow-up. Or they called offering me rates that, in my industry and geographical region, were insulting or inappropriate. Or showed that, despite their statements about my being an excellent candidate for a job, demonstrated that they had never actually read my resume or understood my skill set.

If you're going to do a job, do it well. Do it with forethought and care. Do it with awareness and consideration. And for the love of all that's good, don't--please don't--call me before 9 AM.
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In other news of the world, a couple of things happened over the last 8 days that bear noting.

First and most important is that I interviewed for and got a job. I'll be working as a content specialist for the Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs group (LCA), helping to manage their intranet site. It's a vendor position, but it appears they were looking for someone who would be willing to make a commitment longer than one year and were impressed with me. (I was described as having gravitas. If only they knew....) I'm actually quite excited about it; the work looks interesting, and the people I interviewed with were smart and aware. It's looking like I'll be officially starting either Thursday or Monday. That gives me a few days to get my life in order before I start with the Eastside commute again.

Second, for the last 8 months or so, I'd been planning to attend the Rainforest Writer's Village at Lake Quinault. I was really looking forward to it. The original plan was to arrive there this past Wednesday. When [ profile] markbourne's funeral was scheduled for Thursday, I considered not attending at all. Realizing that Mark would have objected to such a choice and that my own disappointment at the idea of not attending was massive, I decided to stay for the funeral and arrive at the retreat late. [ profile] davidlevine and I left for the peninsula on Thursday afternoon and stayed through Sunday afternoon. It was a good retreat. I got 3,000 new words written. (It's less than I would have preferred, but more than I would have done otherwise. Had the circumstances not been what they were, I suspect I would have been much more productive.) I made some key discoveries about the structure of the novel and have a better understanding of where I am and what needs to be accomplished. And I had some quality time to do some recuperation from last weekend's events. (I have no illusions about being recuperated, but this time away really helped.) The Rainforest Resort is rustic but the setting was quite beautiful: very lush, very picturesque. And it was good to spend even a little time with folks I don't often get to see. I hope to download my photographs today and to post them. I'll post a link when the Flickr set is live.
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Despite my extremely well-ordered to-do list, I feel a little overwhelmed by everything that's happening in the next few days--which actually all started this morning.

1) Job interview: This morning's interview materialized a day or two ago. Interesting company. Went well. I have . . . thoughts about it, but will not share for the moment. We'll see what happens.

2) Clothing consignment: My first attempt at clothing consignment worked out pretty well. Several months back, I dropped some stuff off at Two Big Blondes plus-size consignment and recently received a modest but acceptable check; all the clothes I'd given them had sold. Today, after the aforementioned interview, I went and dropped off some spring clothes for consignment--12 hangers, which included some favorite, hard-to-let-go tops, the dress I wore to my brother's wedding, and a couple of pairs of slacks. The hole in my closet is considerable, though not so large as I might have expected. Still, some of this is me divesting myself of stuff; some of it is making space for new clothes that will fit a smaller me. It's a net good.

3) Skills assessment: I'm currently in the running for a job, the company for which has asked me to do what they refer to as homework and what I refer to as a skills assessment. It might also be construed as freelance work, and I'll bill them if my work shows up on their web site. It's not an inconsiderable amount of work, but I understand why companies do this and what they're looking for, so I'll do it because I want the job. But my time is compromised because of my prior commitment for this weekend, which is . . .

(ETA: First draft of skills assessment completed. Stepping away to let it gel. Will review tomorrow and then get it off to the employer in question.)

4) Potlatch 21: I'm on three panels and will be going, also, to attend the banquet, donate to the auction and, in general, enjoy myself. Schedule:

2 PM: Deconstructing A Canticle for Leibowitz
7 PM: Blocking Writer's Block

3 PM: Short Story, Novella, or Novel

It's going to be a whirlwind; I'm going to fret about parking until I figure it out (the hotel is in a challenging spot for parking); and my Sunday is going to be difficult because . . .

5) The Oscars: The awards show starts at 4 PM, when my last panel at Potlatch ends, and I had invited a few people over to my place to watch. I've already arranged for some friends to open the house so that guests can come and watch the show from the beginning. But somewhere in here, I'd hoped to give the house some kind of once-over with a dust cloth or vacuum, and to maybe make some food. I'm feeling . . . challenged as a result of this.

6) Another job interview: On the heels of Potlatch, I have a job interview on Monday morning. Two hours, no waiting, on the Eastside.

7) Rainforest Writers Village: After all of this madness, I disappear for five days for a writing retreat. Cat sitting has been arranged and I should have some time for house cleaning before I depart, but if one more job interview is scheduled before my departure (and one may very well be), it'll make things that much more challenging. Don't get me wrong: interviews are good--we want interviews. But my time is short and I'm trying not to lose my hair in all this.

OK, OK, not really a summary. I think I needed to vent. Madness. Madness! But I'll manage. I think maybe, though, first, a cup of tea is in order. . . .
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1) Spent most of yesterday working on a skills test for a job. I understand the purpose behind tests like this and worked hard at it to do well, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was having to take the SATs all over again. At my age, well, one hopes to be done with that sort of thing.

2) I have had a difficult week with food. I think it's probably the weather and the season that's making me want to eat more than I ought to. Also, I've eaten out a lot this week, which always makes managing food a little more challenging. I've been working out with a new exercise DVD I purchased to help offset the eating, especially given that it's been so cold that I haven't wanted to run. Still, I feel like there's just been a little too much eating this week, and I'm trying to decide whether or not to weigh in tonight.

3) This morning I found myself having to deal with some last bits of accident administration that should result in a compensatory payment of some kind. We'll see what happens there.

4) Have I mentioned that my left knee has been giving me some trouble? It's running-related and makes me unhappy. I need to go to the doctor and get it looked at but, well, what with unemployment and all, I'm not really feeling the love for doctor-going. ::grumble::

5) Snow is coming. Last night, broadcast news was full of dire reports of the snowmaggedon yet to come. The local papers are full of predictions of the end of the world as well. They made me so paranoid that last night, past 11 PM, I inventoried the house, then ran out to pick up some supplies in case of being snowed in for a couple of days. My biggest concern, frankly, is that I have an interview this week on the day that the heaviest snow is predicted to fall. I find myself wondering when I became such a PNWer that snow would scare me. I suspect it was when I tried to drive on snow-covered hills at 30-degree angles. That could do it. Yes.
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Exercise: A friend of mine who is a dedicated runner says that she runs in the rain because she has to run, and that rain shouldn't stop me from getting out to run, either. We won't, after all, melt. This last point is most assuredly true. It does not, however, make a compelling argument for me to don my workout clothes and go get drenched. I need to find a gym solution to this problem, because if getting drenched is a nonstarter for me (really and truly, I don't like getting caught in the rain, at least not in workout clothes), then living in Seattle means my not working out in winter. Which will not help me achieve my weight-loss goal, and the weight-loss goal is the priority.

Holiday shopping: In other news, because I'll be traveling later this month, I got more than half my holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving. I left the toughest gifts until now (by which I mean I left shopping and/or crafting for those tough-to-buy-for folks until now). I came up with a couple of solutions for gifts yesterday, but I need to make a couple of excursions to get the bits required for execution of same. That'll be this morning, I expect.

Cat: Sophie was a clingy companion yesterday, and based on this morning's behavior (she started this morning folded up at my feet, and now she's curled up on the kitchen table between me and the computer, purring away), today may be the same. I keep thinking about that cat I saw at PAWS Cat City, not because I liked him so very much as because I worry that Sophie is bored and lonely despite my best efforts. I'm not particularly wanting another cat, honestly. After losing Spanky, I find myself woeful about the idea of going through that kind of loss not one more time but twice. I suppose that's a little like not dating because one fears another break-up (and that never stopped me). I dunno. I do know that I shouldn't bring another cat into the house unless I'm completely committed to the idea and right now I can't say that with complete conviction. I don't want to fret about Sophie, but she's my girl and I want her to be content. I'll figure it out. Eventually.

Job Hunt: I've got a recruiter trying to convince me to allow her to submit me for a job at a company I'm not entirely happy about applying to. I think that sometime today or early tomorrow, I'm going to write her and tell her that I really don't want to be submitted. The kind of anxiety produced by the thought of working at the company in question is an argument against it all by itself. I need to trust my gut. I want to work, but I don't want to work so badly that I'm willing to make myself sick. There will be other opportunities.

Unemployment and Its Discontents: The hardest thing about unemployment, for me, is the tightened financial circumstances and the anxiety they produce. I have a cushion, but it's not one I want to touch and so, when I'm unemployed, I pretend it isn't there. And then it's stress-stress-stress. This serves to create in me a sensation of being overwhelmed and a little freaked out. I play games with myself: how many days can I go without spending a dime? How many days can I go without leaving the house and therefore not spending a dime? How many days does it take me to go completely stir-crazy? How many days before it feels weird to leave the house and then feel a little agoraphobic when I do? It's not pretty, and it's a self-perpetuating, ultimately self-destructive pattern. Since I have a specific plan to leave the house and spend money today, the clock will reset itself tonight and then I begin again. Ugh. And so I hope for a job....
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1) I purchased a desk chair at Goodwill today for less than half the price these things usually cost at places like Office Depot. It's gorgeous and comfortable, but I'm having a little bit of buyer's remorse because I probably shouldn't have gotten a chair with arms. Thinking about what to do about that.

2) Got a couple of job nibbles today. Have a couple of other applications that I want to follow up on tomorrow. Feels like I may be employed again some day after all.

3) Slept like a rock last night, after a couple of nights of bad anxiety dreams. Hope tonight's another night of goodness.

4) The berry smoothie at Wayward Coffeehouse (new location) is truly a matter of awesomeness. Today's berries were blueberries and raspberries. Between this smoothie and the one I had a while back at Mae's, I'm thinking that fruit smoothies may themselves be the sole justification I need for my purchasing a blender at some point, something I've never owned before.

5) Tonight I accidentally discovered the new location of PAWS Cat City. I stopped in there upon discovery, and met a cat who was trying to make a compelling argument for me to take him home. He has a face like a mountain lion and a very sweet temperament. I expressed interest but made no commitments. This weekend is not the weekend for me to be bringing home a new cat. And I'm not sure I'm ready for another cat, either the emotional commitment or the expense. I worry about Sophie being lonely for other feline company, though. It's been so long since I had only one cat. It's odd to have only one around. I need to sleep on it, think about it. He may be gone before I make a final decision--which would be fine. I just need to monitor my feelings and see what happens.

Quick update

Wed, Oct. 19th, 2011 11:34 am
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I haven't been posting much this week because I've been fighting malaise, procrastinating, fighting the blues, and trying to kickstart my exercise regimen again. I've had some success with this last bit, walking Green Lake twice in the last week, and then walking/running the track for about 40 minutes yesterday. (So, yes, the busted toe is healing, though it's been complaining a bit.) Didn't make much of a difference to my weigh-in last night, but that's OK. There's still plenty to tweak with my food and liquid intake, and it may all just mean I need to up the intensity of my workout. I'm not feeling confident about my income so there's no gym membership in the immediate future, but I can certainly change how I'm doing my walk/run intervals and things like that.

The job search has officially begun, rather than being the sort of piecemeal affair it's been the last few weeks. I'm applying for things that make sense of me, which isn't many, but they're out there, so that gives me some hope. And in the meanwhile, the freelance continues, bit by bit.

I've been doing more shopping in my closet for clothes. While it's great to discover that clothes I saved to wear until I'd lost weight are actually a little big on me now, it means I need to do more closet purging and a little more digging through things at Goodwill. I spent quite a bit of money on new jeans a couple of weeks ago, buying them and getting them shortened, only to realize that they're still a little too long.

I have some social plans for later this week that I'm looking forward to . . . but we're not there quite yet.

I apologize for this entry. It's sort of all over the map, which is how I'm feeling right now. Mostly, I'm still feeling that thing that I felt after WorldCon, which is that I don't quite know what I'm doing with my life and, that being the case, I'm not sure what to do. It's great to have a lot of options; the problem is choosing, and choosing wisely. Or maybe what I need to do is choose stupidly, go forth with untempered optimism, and hope it'll all turn out just fine. I hear that's how fools and geniuses succeed.

Things I want to post about:
-- Last weekend's photo excursion
-- The book I'm nearly finished with (when I'm finished with it)
-- The interview/dinner I enjoyed with some of the women from Weight Watchers this past weekend
-- The coming dismantling and replacement of the Alaskan Way Viaduct
-- Other stuff I'm sure I've forgotten
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...seeks position in the Greater Seattle area.

Microsoft has decided not to renew its contract with Comsys for the project I've been working on. I find myself at liberty once more. Please keep me in mind for any editorial or Web production jobs you might hear about. I can send a resume and work samples upon request and refer you to my LinkedIn profile should recommendations be required.

I'll be happy to discuss freelance work if it's available.
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Responses to my last post expressed interest in the following subjects in the following order:

4 votes: New part time job
3 votes: "When they're interviewing you..."
1 vote: Doctor Who, [ profile] kijjohnson's party

The items that got one vote each will be handled in separate posts later.

The new part-time job
I've been hired by an agency I've never worked with before on an intermittent editing project for Microsoft. In MS's system, I'll be listed as a vendor, which means I don't have to be vetted through their eCheck system. I'll be (basically) working two weeks on and two weeks off at a pay rate comparable to those I've had in the past for a length of about 6 months. It's not the full-time work I've been wanting, but it's a way to start bringing in a little more money than I have been. I may work as many as 100 hours per month. It will also give me kinds of experience I haven't had before. And it will leave me time in between to do other sorts of freelance and to continue to look for full time work. I start training tomorrow (Thursday) and start actual work on Friday the 29th. The training cuts into my visit with MW, which makes me sad, but there are other upsides to this, so if I'm not exactly excited, at least I'm not feeling as frustrated about the foiled visit as I might be. Well-paid work and new skill sets are goodnesses, and I refuse to look a gift horse in the mouth.

When they're interviewing you, you're interviewing them
Earlier this week, my old agency contacted me about a brief contract that would start immediately at an insanely good rate. The agency sent me a very vague job description and mumbled about it being a short-term thing with the possibility of more work if this job went well. They sent me a sample of the work I'd be doing--and as finished work, the thing was sloppy as hell editorially. I asked for a little more detail, and the agency offered to put me in touch with the hiring manager. The manager called me and I asked several basic questions, a little suspicious about a manager who wanted to work with someone sight unseen. It was flattering but I had a niggling bad feeling about it. I asked about the nature of the project, what its scope and parameters were, when the deadline was--that sort of thing. The manager hemmed and hawed a little, sounding distracted and rushed. He asked me to repeat my questions and told me he had to talk to someone and that he'd call me back--then hung up.

This communicated several things to me:
1) The "hiring manager" wasn't really the manager. This was a delegated project. Why, otherwise, would he have to go check with someone else about the details?
2) He sounded rushed and distracted--but he'd called me. He chose the timing. His focus should have been on the phone call with his prospective employee, the one who was going to make this thing happen. This suggests he didn't care who he got as long as he got a skilled warm body.
3) The manager's wanting a skilled warm body, his sounding distracted and harried, and his needing to check on details suggested to me that this was probably a last-minute project that was going to be all about hurry-up-and-wait. The fact that they wanted me to start within a day of contacting me about the project suggested this also.

This whole thing sounded like a train wreck to me. I'd be making an insanely good hourly rate for three days on a poorly defined high-pressure project that would make me miserable. I called the agency and declined the project. I also asked questions. It turned out that I was right about the last-minute nature of the project and also that the person calling me wasn't the person who owned the project. The agency rep said I'd gotten a good read on the situation and didn't blame me for backing off.

One of the things I learned from my nightmare 4.5 months with Cingular was to pay attention and to trust my gut when it comes to talking with hiring managers. Their demeanor, their way of relating to you can tell you more about the project and the work environment than their answers. I must remember that though it seems like I'm powerless in interviews, I need to trust my judgment and my perceptions. They're good, well-honed over years, and they will serve me well.

Subjects about which I want to write:
* Doctor Who: The End of Time Part II
* Demons, a new supernatural series on BBCA
* The new part-time job
* When they're interviewing you, you're interviewing them
* Book review/report on Ken Scholes' novel Lamentation
* [ profile] kijjohnson's surprise party
* Upcoming travel
* Missing the ghosts of early American history
* The new season of Big Love
* Book review/report on Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

More anon...
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1) I received both the Noble Collection catalog and the Levinger's catalog in the same mail drop. This is only one of many ways you define torture in the age of austerity budgeting.

2) I discovered that Sophie knocked over a bin full of bead tubes onto the baseboard heater. How did I discover this? The smell of melting plastic filling the room. Spent the better part of an hour cleaning up the scattered beads (all of which were glass) and the icky, melted plastic. I suspect I'll be smelling it all for a while, though.

3) Tossed caution to the wind today and sent a query regarding an internship to KUOW (local NPR affiliate). They never responded to my volunteering e-mail from back in October, but this missive, I have been told via a fairly rapid and obviously personal response, is being circulated to the internship person. We'll see what happens. New career in radio? Who knows? If not, I may investigate the possibility of podcasting...if I can come up with something interesting and original to discuss regularly.

4) On loan from [ profile] jackwilliambell, I've been listening to an audio version of a biography of Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. It's only my second audio book and a far more positive experience than the first, which was a crappy historical novel--the reader was absolutely remarkable, but the book itself was just awful. The Hamilton book, on the other hand, is fascinating. I'm about halfway through it and I'm enjoying it not just as an amateur student of history but also as a numismatist since there's a great deal of talk about America's earliest currencies and their evolution. My bedtime reading is another nonfiction book that I expect to finish tonight and will write about tomorrow.

5) I've sold some items on Etsy--yay! I've added to the mix Scrabble tile monogram pendants. I've kept the cost down on them and can supply any initial that might interest you-just specify what you need.
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1) With thanks to [ profile] terri_osborne for the tip, I offer a spoof of Extreme's "More than Words" video as done by the cast of "How I Met Your Mother," including Nuno himself playing guitar. This song figured large in a relationship I had many years ago that was very important to me, but I'd never seen the video. Now I've seen both it and the parody, and the combination lightens it all considerably, which I suspect that lost love would approve of.

2) I took an editing test yesterday as part of the interview process for a potential contract. I think I did well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

3) Saw "The Informant!" last night in the company of [ profile] markbourne and [ profile] e_bourne. I enjoyed it well enough; Matt Damon was terrific. Mark took issue with the Henry Mancini score, saying it gave the film a far more retro feel than it ought to have had. I've thought about that critique and it may be valid, though as music by itself I enjoyed it. I suspect I understand what the director's intention was, given the style of the movie poster as well: it's all satire, pretty dark and at the same time purely absurd once the scope of Damon's character's deception unfolds. That it's based on a true story is the most startling part of the whole.

4) On October 2, 1959, "The Twilight Zone" premiered. It left an indelible mark on me when I watched it in reruns growing up and is still one of my favorite TV series of all time. Time Magazine counts down what they consider its top 10 most memorable episodes, with links to complete episodes or at least excerpts. What do you think? They forget anything?

5) Today's another "Stay at home and don't spend money" day for me. Drop by if you feel like it as long as you're not shocked by my housekeeping.
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Social calendar: After several phone calls tonight either canceling or confirming plans, I find my week astonishingly busy for someone who is unemployed.

Weather: Tonight I'll be adding a blanket to my bed. It's chilly, even with all the windows closed. Not turning on the heat yet; I know how to keep warm. But tonight's sudden thunderstorm and downpour has embedded the chill a little more firmly in the air and the building. The time for heat is coming soon...but not yet.

Entertainment: Caught up with Mad Men and Project Runway the last couple of days. Is it me, or is this season's Runway cast a little more competitive and nasty than previous seasons? I think there's real talent in the group, but they've all got an edge. Mad Men is juicy and quite fine. Poor Don, having to face commitment at last.

Books: Currently reading [ profile] jaylake's Green. At Foolscap, I picked up a copy of Shanna Abe's Queen of Dragons and pulled a copy of Joan Vinge's The Snow Queen from the Magic Book Box. My To-Read pile is so huge it almost doesn't matter if I add more. It's all goodness. But another purge is coming soon, methinks.

Kitties: I think Spanky and Sophie have reached detente. There is occasional mutual grooming, though Sophie still attacks his tail and the spots on his back legs. The three of us napped on the couch a bit today, Sophie on my chest and Spanky on my lap. I'm shared territory now. I hope it will continue.

Job hunt: I've had a couple of nibbles, but nothing completely substantial yet. More applications to go out tomorrow.

Cool stuff:
1) I've been scheduled to do voice-over recording for both Lineage II and Exteel for NCsoft. I'm very excited at the prospect. I'm to record on Thursday, so I'll be reading through the scripts and rehearsing over the next couple of days. I promise a report when it's done.
2) Courtesy of [ profile] e_bourne: Nero's revolving banquet hall, referenced in ancient biographies of the emperor, has been uncovered in Rome atop the Palatine Hill. This is exciting archeological news. What technology for ancient Rome! Makes me wonder (again) how far we would have come had Rome not fallen.
3) Where culture and heritage collide and synergize--Jewish Bluegrass: Lovers of the banjo, fiddle and mandolin blend cultural identity and religious faith to create a uniquely American sound. (If only [ profile] dochyel were here to see this!)
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During my first post-NCsoft week of unemployment, I:

* Updated my resume, my LinkedIn profile and contacts, and my Monster profile.
* Applied for 6 jobs--and still counting.
* Visited with BM and GG whom I haven't seen in far too long.
* Walked around Greenlake once (3 miles) with [ profile] shellyraeclift.
* Purchased a new pair of jeans which I desperately needed.
* Spent time with [ profile] jackwilliambell, [ profile] ironymaiden, [ profile] e_bourne and [ profile] katatomic.
* Scored slacks, a skirt, and a lovely, warm, slouchy sweater at Goodwill, all for only $15 (go me!).
* Saw "Inglourious Basterds," which I enjoyed enormously but about which I need to think quite a bit more.

This weekend sees the arrival of a number of out-of-town friends for Foolscap 11. I'll be spending the better part of the day with [ profile] puppetmaker40 and daughter playing tour guide and catching up, a serendipitous development that pleases me hugely. And then I'll be spending a majority of the weekend at the con. I'm on only two program items (mainly because I got my membership so late that most stuff was already far more empaneled than would allow for one more panelist), one for which we've probably over-prepared, and one which I'll be winging pretty thoroughly.

Ruminations on unemployment, personal responsibility, and the source of a personal pet peeve. )
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Acquired two pretty new plant pots at Goodwill for repotting of plants.

Did laundry.

Napped with Spanky.

Got a contract gig writing for NCSoft, makers of Guild Wars, Aion, and others. The pay is not optimal, but the opportunity is a good one for broadening my experience. I'll learn new stuff and I'll get to work with people I really like; I already know at least half of the writers on the team (hi [ profile] bhagwanx! hi [ profile] trueunicorness!). I start next Tuesday for a contract that may run anywhere from 1-3 months. It was like old home week walking into the place for my interview. So...

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If only cuddling skills counted...or maybe it's stripes I lack.

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Proud of myself: I took advantage of the sun and warmth to walk up to the top of Queen Anne Hill for coffee and groceries, then walked back. Also proud of myself for getting some solid job searching done today that resulted in an almost immediate telephone interview. Fingers crossed!

Informed me: This evening, perusing The New York Times, I found two fascinating articles:
* Brain Researchers Open Door to Editing Memory: Eternal sunshine may be just around the corner.
* Bahrain Embraces Its Jews. All 36 of Them.: Hey, it's something. I refuse to be cynical about it.

I also wish to note that I get extraordinary pleasure from watching Spanky nap in the sun. He so completely loses himself in the pleasure of it, closing his eyes, baring his belly, and curling his toes. It's hard to resist petting him when he's looking so content, but I am restrained by the knowledge that interrupting his peaceful napping will interfere with his contentment.

Speaking of contentment, congratulations to [ profile] mischief_wa on the arrival of her beautiful new daughter, Victory Dora. I can't wait to meet her!

And now, I shall make dinner for myself. Note: Keep up with the mushrooms. They are gifts of the divine.
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1) I purchased two bunches of daffodils at the market on Wednesday because they are my favorite flower. Now I remember why I bought no daffodils last year. Apparently, I'm allergic. Doesn't make me love the flowers any less. They are still sunshine on a stem. But it does mean I ought to keep my distance.

2) Didn't get to the in-person interview stage for the latest nearly-perfect job. Maybe it is time to go back to school.

3) [ profile] varina8 and I had a perfectly lovely afternoon together yesterday, enjoying the mild weather and walking through the Olympic Sculpture Park. We also discovered its vivarium, which neither of us had visited before. We had coffee together at the end of the stroll and gave each other a short story challenge, the completed piece for which is due on midnight Monday. I may share the specifics of the challenge here if anyone else wants to participate.

4) I've been mainlining season one of The Tudors via OnDemand; one more episode and I'm done. I've enjoyed it. I'll be taking my cable service down to basic this coming week (basic cable is included in the condo dues), so that will be another expense gone.

5) I've discovered that one can sell vintage stuff on Etsy. I may post a couple of items as a test to see how they do. [ profile] exiledfromtribe, this may be another outlet for your vintage ad business.
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Today was about three things: job hunting, condo association stuff, and plants.

The job hunting netted one ad that I have yet to respond to because it means reconfiguring my resume to emphasize certain experience, which triggers a lot of my job-hunting anxiety and pushes me away from the computer. I will do it, before I leave the house for my job hunting support group tomorrow.

The condo association stuff had to do with member dues, who has paid, who hasn't, and whether or not our records jive with building management's. Meetings are a-comin'.

The planting is something I've been wanting to do for a while. If you've been to my home, then you know that I have very few plants: an African violet (gifted to me by [ profile] solcita during the Job From Hell) that hasn't flowered since a couple of months after I received it, a cyclomen that hasn't blossomed since about two months after I received it, and a number of jade plants. All of these plants needed repotting, and I wanted to prune and propagate the jades so that they'll grow a little more bushily. I did some research this afternoon, learned about pruning and propagating jade plants, picked up plant supplies for cheap (I already had potting medium and plenty of empty pots here at home) and went to work. I just finished--three hours later. If my clever plan works out, then I'll have several new jade plants, fresh-growing catnip and two flowering plants in a couple of weeks. I hope I hope I hope! I had wanted to plant some sunflowers, but I just don't get enough sun here to do it successfully. Or, rather, I get plenty of sun until noon, and then shadow for he rest of the day. I may pick up some sun/shade bulbs and try them on the balcony. Can't hurt.

And now, I should probably have something resembling dinner. A light, easily digestible dinner. It's late for my tummy.
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Last night, [ profile] ladyjestocost called, asking for a lift from Swedish Hospital home to West Seattle. Seems that [ profile] bedii had some digestion issues that would not resolve themselves, thus the need for dramatic intervention. He should be fine, but this meant that the family's primary driver was out of commission. Walking up to the entrance to the Emergency Room, I tripped and fell on the concrete, banging up just about every major joint in my body. Being just outside an Emergency Room, I found it ironic that not a soul saw or noticed the middle-aged woman splayed on the concrete just outside the door. Anyway, I got up, limped inside and met up with my friends-in-distress.

This morning, my right shoulder (you know, the one with the tear in it?) and my left knee (the healthy one) both hurt. A lot. Both will be getting ice while I sit on the couch and try not to contemplate the fact that this month I gave up my COBRA because I couldn't afford it anymore.

Could have been worse, no doubt. I'm still mobile and functional, and I'm sure this will all be fine. I'll want to take a walk sometime this morning to keep the knee lubricated and moving. But right now I feel like a truck ran over me (and having actually experienced such a thing, I can speak from experience) and it's not a Happy Place.


On the upside: Got a call back about a job. So it all balances out.

Still: Ow.


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