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As you may be aware, in the wake of my illness and another incident, I began to lose my hair at an alarming rate. The second week of January, it looked like the hair loss had stopped. It turns out that I was right. It has stopped. Thank G-d.

So where we're at now is that my hair has started to grow again, and I am seeing, for the first time in years, its actual color. I forget sometimes that my natural hair color is the color of my eyebrows, a glossy black, rather than the rich red-dark brown that I've been coloring it. At this point, that black is highlighted with silver. I'm not completely silver, but rather salt and pepper. And all those silver hairs are shorter than the rest of my hair because, of course, they are new.

Today I had my hair trimmed. The longer hair was looking raggy and thin. The shorter hair was looking just, well, wild. My stylist trimmed the ragginess and shaped the hair a bit so it looks more presentable overall. I didn't color it; I'm concerned about applying chemicals to the newly-active follicles for fear that I'll mess with things. I figure the next time I see her, about six weeks from now, we'll color the hair again, when it's longer and it's been growing for a couple of months. Right now, I just want to rest my hair a bit.

I'm so glad that it looks like this episode is over. I began to cry every time I looked in the mirror. Now I feel so much better.
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Previously on "My Hair": I've been diagnosed with telogen effluvium, apparently the result of my illness last August and, possibly, a separate emotional shock. For those who don't wish to read the article, the money shot is: "[telogen effluvium is the result of] an environmental insult that 'shocks' the growing hair follicles so much that they decide to go into a resting state for a while....This form of TE usually lasts less than six months and the affected individual has a normal scalp hair density again within a year." Basically, I've been losing my hair at an alarming, upsetting rate. Morning showers are usually followed by bouts of crying as I remove thick, alarming nests of hair from the shower drain and pull handfuls of it out of my hair brush. It's been awful.

Update: This morning, I washed my hair and discovered that there was no hair in the shower drain. None. After months of cleaning drifts from the floor and nests from the drain, there was none in the shower this morning, and nearly a normal amount in my brush. The last two showers, the hair loss evidenced in the shower has been lessening. If this persists, the condition may finally be reversing itself. I don't want to count my chickens here, but I may finally be seeing the end of the tunnel. My hair is still ridiculously diffuse and thin for me, and the texture is unfamiliar. I still hate how it looks. We'll see how things go. Fingers crossed.


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