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1) I had a perfectly marvelous 55th birthday, and I'm hoping that as I have begun, so shall I continue.

2) I have acquired new tap shoes that fit me better and I'm delighted with them. I took my first class in them yesterday. My feet felt better, I didn't get unreasonably tired, and I mastered the steps we were doing a little quicker, I think, for not having to compensate for shoes that were too long. I'm actually looking forward to practicing!

3) I am excited about the new Doctor. It was time for a woman and I find myself ready to reengage with the series. I liked Matt Smith well enough but found the storytelling in his seasons weirdly disjointed. I liked Peter Capaldi, but after disengaging with Matt Smith's Doctor, I found myself unable to reengage. I am curious and excited about Jodie Whittaker as 13. I'm in and look forward to her premiere. When, now, is the regeneration episode?

4) Farewell to actor Martin Landau and director/auteur George Romero. Landau looms largest in my experience as Commander Koenig of Moon Base Alpha in Space: 1999 and, of course, as Bela Lugosi in the film "Ed Wood." I know, I know, Mission: Impossible--but I was too young to be captured by it at the time. As for Romero, he changed the world with "Night of the Living Dead." He certainly changed the horror genre, giving us a new kind of monster that has survived generations and multiple iterations. Respect to both of these gentlemen.

5) I need to devote a couple of evenings to finishing laying down the ideas for the board game I've been thinking about. This idea will not let go.

And so I am 55

Tue, Jul. 11th, 2017 08:42 pm
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Yesterday, I celebrated my double-nickel birthday. I made a point to make it a lovely day, having brunch with [personal profile] lagilman at Portage Bay Cafe, an afternoon on my balcony cleaning it up and gardening a bit, and dinner with J and KG at one of Seattle's finest restaurants, Canlis, where I've never been before. It was a lovely day, a satisfying, slightly self-indulgent day. I felt loved, revived, and supported.

I am not where I thought I'd be at this point in my life, but I am trying to make the most of where I am. And there is a lot of goodness. I'm financially secure with a lovely home, a loving family, and the most wonderful friends a girl could ask for. I am mostly healthy. I'm in useful, effective therapy. I am working hard to determine what I want and how to go about getting it. I am reprioritizing my creative time, energy and pursuits.

I find myself wishing that my parents were here. I would love for them to see where I am and who I have become. I would love for them to meet the man my brother has become, and my delightful sister-in-law and niece. I would love for them to meet so many of my friends, interesting, creative, remarkable people that they are. I would love to ask their advice about this thing and that. It didn't occur to me until tonight that I've been missing them both lately even though I have lived most of my life without them.

I want more travel. I want to produce more creative product, whether it's projects I write or edit, performances I give, jewelry I make or photography that I pursue. I want to continue the slow redecoration of the house, and the slow shedding of stuff. More to come, I guess, as the year unfolds.

Happy birthday to me.
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It was awesome.

OK. Wait. That doesn't actually constitute a full and accurate description. Strike that. Let's begin again.

I had a couple of goals for the day: 1) See friends. 2) Do whatever I want.

See friends
I started the day with breakfast at Icon Grill in the company of EB and MO-K. I chose this location because the food is flat-out terrific and because I love the environment. I've purchased art off of its very walls and I love seeing what else might be available. I chose the company because it was bound to be fine, and it was. I had pancakes with strawberries and blueberries. It came with white-chocolate syrup, but I chose not to partake of that particular indulgence--too much, too sweet, too early. There was bacon. There was an egg. There was a mimosa. There was tea. There was excellent conversation. I left happy.

Do whatever I want
The heatwave that has been baking Seattle to a crisp finally broke on Thursday, which meant that I could finally enjoy my balcony a bit. I spent the next couple of hours sitting on said balcony on my folding beach chaise with a book and cats. Lovely, relaxing, good.

The afternoon, I spent at Apollo Nail Spa at the top of Queen Anne getting a mani-pedi in the company of, again, EB and MO-K. I chose my favorite neutral for my fingertips, mainly because it has a shimmery quality that I like and because if it chips, it's not crazy-obvious. For my toes, I picked a metal-flecked gold. My toenails look like they've been touched by King Midas. :-)

I had dinner at Roti with [ profile] suricattus, whom I haven't seen in far too long. We talked books, books, books, and then headed over to this week's Clarion West party. A great many good folks were in attendance, too many to name check here, but enough of the local sf-f literati to make it a pleasant literary group. We decamped a little earlier than I would have preferred--but it was probably the better part of valor.

Sadly, I didn't sleep very well, with neighbors coming and going at all hours, and cats being, well, cats, it was a night of constantly interrupted sleep. There may be a nap later today. In fact, I'm pretty sure there will be.

All in all, though, it was a fine way to close out kind of a tough year and to open a new chapter. We'll see what this new one has in store.
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So my birthday was on Thursday. I decided that what I wanted was a long leisurely weekend for myself, so I worked on Thursday and then took Friday off.

Friday, [ profile] varina8 and I went to Olympus Women's Spa, there to be pampered to our heart's content. I got a body wrap and a massage. For the wrap, they slather nutritious mud all over you--it smelled like dog biscuits to me--and then wrap you in several layers of insulation, then lay you on a heated table to bake. I felt a little bit like a baked potato--but my skin felt terrific when we were done. The massage was excellent; the woman who worked on me gave me some excellent tips for maintaining the positive effects of the massage over the next couple of weeks. I plan to take her instructions seriously.

Yesterday morning, I participated in a panel discussion--Writers in Fantasy--at the EMP's Myth & Magic Faire. Besides me, the roster included Greg Bear, Robin Hobb and J.A. Pitts (our own [ profile] bravado111). WE had a good, fairly wide-ranging discussion. Greg was our moderator, which meant that we got into the historical roots of the genre as well as its earlier incarnations in the 1920s and 30s. The audience was pretty responsive; they stayed and were interested so I think we were pretty successful. The marketer in me kept thinking that our discussion ought to be a little more pop-culturey than it was, given that we weren't talking to a convention crowd; it was more mainstream fans. But I still think it went well. We had lunch at the Armory, and then I had to take off a) because the meter on my car was running out and because b) I had a date with EB for some tidepooling.

Yesterday was one of the low-tide days here, when the tidepooling provides wonderful glimpses of sea life. I drove out to West Seattle, and then E and I went to Constellation Park, where I've never been before. It's a shingle beach beyond the end of Alki Point. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, though the tide was low, a lot of the beach was dried out because it was so hot and sunny (and beautiful--really, Seattle is incomparable in summer time). In the end, there wasn't much to see except rocks shrouded by drying seaweed. We ended up walking back to Alki, getting cold drinks, sitting on the beach and chatting. We ultimately went back to her place, sat under the awning in the backyard and just talked for a while. It was a glorious afternoon of being lazy and pleasant with a friend.

This morning, I'm Task Girl. I have Tasks to do and I'm checking them off my list one by one. And this was one of my tasks: to catch up on LJ and keep my presence, well, present.

Happy Summer Day, everyone! Go out and enjoy!
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Tuesday night, the evening before my birthday, SA invited me as his plus-one to attend the press screening of Pacific Rim. My feeling? Make no mistake: this is a big, dumb movie with mechs and monsters by Guillermo Del Toro. It's got awesomely alien creatures, amazing giant robots, and some awfully fun performances by the supporting cast. What's not to love? Well, as one friend said, that St. Crispin's Day speech for one thing--not exactly inspiring; and the film's treatment of its one female character wasn't really up to snuff.... But still, it had Ron Perlman being all bad-ass in those amazing shoes. And MONSTERS! ROBOTS! So, yeah: good dinner, good company, fun, stupid movie. Not a bad way to get things rolling.

Last Saturday, my friends Harold and Eve threw a birthday deck party for Harold (July 12) and me attended by many of the usual suspects, which was quite lovely indeed, with most delicious food made by their own four hands.

And tonight, I got together with someone I knew years ago at Wizards--he and his wife took me to Chinook's for seafood. His birthday was the 8th, hers the 9th, and mine the 10th, so it was another mutual birthday celebration, and quite pleasant.

And tonight starts my long weekend, to which I've really been looking forward.

I wanted it to be a quiet birthday and, in its way, it has been. There's been celebration, but it hasn't been a big deal and I've quite enjoyed that, especially the walk in the woods on my actual day. It's been, as we say, a goodness.
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Sometimes, standing one's ground can make a difference. Last week, I mentioned that my birthday gift from the office was that I wouldn't be able to take the trip to see my family. I felt so bad and angry about it on Wednesday morning that on Thursday when I returned to work, I told them I was going and I'd do whatever I had to do to make sure the necessary work got done--overtime, weekends, etc. My grand-boss asked me for a written plan with schedules included to execute upon. That was how I spent Friday--writing that plan. Monday my boss reviewed it, provided comments, and approved it. Yesterday morning I revised. Just as I was finishing the revision, the manager upon whom so much of the issue depended told me that the work that would have necessitated all these plans was a "nice to have", not a requirement. After I got over the jubilation, I revised the plan with an addendum upfront detailing this new development and delivered it anyway.

Short version: The trip is on, no cancellation necessary!

In the midst of all that, EB, her dog Kai, and I went and took a walk in the woods for my birthday. The original plan was to go to the Bald Eagle Natural Unit in the Skagit Wildlife Area. As it turned out, for humans anyway it was nothing more than a picnic ground on the shore of the Skagit River--pretty, but no trails to speak of. We had lunch and then decamped to Rockport State Park, where we walked the beautiful wooded trails, where Kai may have saved us from an encounter with a mountain lion, and where we had a perfectly lovely time.

Janna and Kai at Skagit Bald Eagle Wildlife Unit

We concluded the trip to the wilds of the Skagit Valley with a stop in Concrete for pictures and in Sedro Wooley, I think, for a farmer's market, where Kai quickly became the central attraction. Everyone stopped to say hello to our four-footed companion. I came home with fresh raspberries and home-made shortcake. It was a lovely birthday indeed.

There was more celebration Tuesday night pre-walk and on Saturday; I shall detail in a separate post. But all in all, it turned out to be a happier birthday than I expected, and I'm quite pleased.
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1) My birthday is tomorrow and I still don't know what I want to do with the day. On the one hand, I feel like the best gift I could give myself is a trip to University Village for a haircut and a meeting at the Genius Bar to deal with my borked iPhoto (assuming appointments are available for each so close to the date). In other words, the best gift I could give myself is to feel better about how I look and to get a daily-use tool back in working order. On the other hand, I feel like I ought to go have an adventure somewhere, whether it's a trip to Woodland Park Zoo to see the new jaguar cubs or to sit on the beach and sun myself at Golden Gardens or maybe rent a car for the day and take a day trip: Centralia for antiquing (not that I need anything, mind) or somewhere I can take pictures (maybe the Skagit Wildlife Area. Treats, I suppose, are more the order of the day than practicality. Must make a decision soon, though. Last year my birthday was a perfect, perfect day, full of celebration; this year I want to be fairly low-key--just simple.

2) Last night, I went with [ profile] varina8 to see Fill the Void at SIFF, an Israeli film made by a Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox Jewish) woman director with a cast and crew of both Haredi and secular members. It's a practically unprecedented project and a very, very good film. There was a lot of press about it when it first came out, which is how I first learned about it. (Excellent interview with the director and with the star of the film.) It tells the story of a young woman, Shira, who's about to get married when her older, married sister dies in childbirth. When her brother-in-law tells the family he's going to take the new baby and move to Belgium to marry again, Shira's mother, unable to deal with this second loss, proposes he stay and marry Shira instead. Shira must choose what she's going to do. The film is sensitive and beautifully shot, with lovely, understated performances. It's won all sorts of awards and, I think, deserved the recognition. Recommended.

3) Sophie's had digestive issues lately. An impromptu visit to the vet on Saturday resulted in getting some medication for her. I know she's OK; her behavior is otherwise normal and healthy. But she's clearly had digestive distress. I'm glad I could take the time to get her looked at.

4) Zeke broke the malachite lion figurine that I brought home from Kenya. I'll be getting out the epoxy to fix it. I have something else I have to fix that way, too.

5) It's busy, stressful days at work right now. I'm trying so hard to be focused and productive, but there's stuff all around that's distracting, stressful, personalities at the office who intend to help but just make things more fraught. It's the way of business, I know. Generally speaking, I'm liking the work and the people. It's just a tough time there right now. I'm going away for the weekend in two weeks; I can't wait for the break.
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Tuesday was my birthday and it was a perfectly smashing day!

Cut for pictures and narrative )Me, going into orbit with the Lunar Orbiter

I couldn't have enjoyed myself more that day. This was the way to celebrate the turn of my half-century, and if the company was any indication at all, then I lived those first 50 years well. I can only hope that the next 50 will be half as good.

See the complete Flickr set.
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So last Saturday, after a small celebratory birthday brunch, [ profile] jackwilliambell and I went to the Skagit Valley Highland Games in Mount Vernon. As previously mentioned, we met [ profile] paulcarp, [ profile] mcjulie, [ profile] jkling, and Ivy there, watched sheep herding and caber tossing, poked around the vendor booths, and listened to and watched the pipe and drum bands. Somehow, as interesting and fun as the caber tossing was, I found the bands just thrilling. I may not be an especial fan of bagpipes, but all of these bands were so good. I really enjoyed the music.

On Sunday, we took advantage of the lowest tides of the year to go tidepooling at Golden Gardens park and beach. It was an overcast day, cooler than I expected, but the silvery light made for interesting photography conditions, and made colors pop everywhere. I had a wonderful time poking around the tidepools, seeing anemones, seastars, crabs, and fish. This particular crab, which was about the size of my whole hand, when I approached it, reared up on its back legs and snapped its claws at me! Twice! Raaarrr! I'd never seen that before. I burst into laughter, which I'm sure was not the intended effect. When it realized that I wasn't going to leave it alone, it began to burrow into the sand; that's when I decided to stop harassing the poor little guy. Just a few steps later, a fountain of water about four feet tall shot up out of the goo; I'd been spat at by a geoduck buried beneath the surface! (Actually, it was probably just being a geoduck and its fountaining had nothing to do with me, but it's fun to think of it that way.) Later on, I turned around to discover a great blue heron standing about ten feet away from me, surveying the shallows for snacks. It was a wonderful morning (see the Flickr set here). We then spent the rest of the day sitting on the beach relaxing, and watching a man get his beached sailboat back into the water.

I came out of it all sunburned for the first time in years. While I regretted the burn, I didn't regret the day. It was perfectly lovely.

Today I'm going to take advantage of the fact that I don't have to be anywhere and go to the zoo to finally visit the new meerkat exhibit. I'm so looking forward to it! Then this weekend, it's parties and Foolscap stuff. Busy busy busy!


Sat, Feb. 20th, 2010 11:02 pm
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[ profile] jackwilliambell and I met [ profile] e_bourne and [ profile] markbourne to visit Kubota Japanese Gardens in Renton, south of Seattle (pictures), and then we went to have lunch. As we were leaving the restaurant (Calamity Jane's in Georgetown, which I highly recommend), Elizabeth got a call from a neighbor saying that Kai the Wonder Dog had gotten out of the very-well-fenced-in backyard and we had to get right home.

I was worried. Kai's my doggie nephew. We got back to their place and I started calling for Kai the moment I got out of the car. E was adamant that we put our things into the house before going to look for him. Okay, I thought--it's your dog.

But . . . but then who should we be greeted by at the door--inside the house--but Kai? And . . . wait a minute . . . there's a balloon bouquet by the fireplace that wasn't there when we left. And there's . . . [ profile] ironymaiden? [ profile] oldmangrumpus? [ profile] shelly_rae? Brian? All these people . . . WHAT?

It was a party! A surprise party! It seems that [ profile] markbourne and I were being given the birthday celebration we never quite had this past summer. As you may recall, Mark's heart surgery was scheduled for our mutual birthday and, well, events got in the way. This was our do-over! Our birthday cake was a big heart-shaped chocolate layer cake that said "Happy Re-Birthday" on it, surrounded by perfect little yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting--very basic and very much my favorite. The group insisted upon singing "Happy Birthday" to us--I laughed all the way through it. Friends from different parts of our lives attended, and others who couldn't be there sent along gifts. All of Mark's were heart-themed (two, in fact, were plush, beating hearts complete with sound effects!). All of mine were beautiful beads of all sorts--cats were a theme, and a penguin bead showed up from Portland, as well as a heart-shaped box filled with "muggle beads" which looked suspiciously like pretty jasper but insisted on being "muggle beads." I received a beautiful bead with a blown-glass tree frog perched upon it, a fused glass pendant, and a pendant featuring a blossom suspended in glass, and so many others. Such pretty things! They'll all be used and will all be seen adorning me.

I was completely surprised--gobsmacked! I still am to some extent. I have the most extraordinary friends on the planet and could not be more grateful for the gift of this day. I send out special thanks and love to [ profile] e_bourne, [ profile] ironymaiden, and [ profile] shelly_rae for conspiracy, and [ profile] jackwilliambell for keeping secrets at close proximity. And then thanks to everyone who participated in one way or another. There's no question that today is the high point of my year. I love you all.
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So...there were things this weekend that weren't about [ profile] markbourne, though they were tucked into the corners because he was the priority. Still, I want to note them because there was goodness, and goodness is important.

[ profile] davidlevine and [ profile] kateyule arrived on Thursday evening. We went grocery shopping to ensure the fridge was stocked for the three of us, then just hung out before hitting the sack.

Friday was my birthday. Besides the very well-documented surgical events of the day, I received several lovely gifts from friends and many good wishes, all of which were hugely appreciated.

Saturday morning, [ profile] jackwilliambell made absolutely delicious French toast with challah and sourdough bread--two very different taste experiences--using his grandfather's recipe, which included things like vanilla and cinnamon. There was bacon, wine, mimosasl it was just a lovely little celebration. I should note that Jack gave me a "Penguins on the March" T-shirt (nicely tailored with a v-shaped neckline) and a power drill with a set of bits. I'm now well dressed, armed, and dangerous.

Jack bought a new car this weekend, so we went and retrieved it from the dealer. We rode to the Eastside on his bike, then I drove the car, following Jack on his bike, to his place. The car's a pretty little red convertible and a lot of fun to drive. We dropped off his bike and then went to the hospital.

Jack and I cut out around 8:30 to go catch "Moon," a really good independent science fiction film. There's almost nothing I can say about the movie without spoiling it, except to say that it's set on the moon in the future and that it's about the person who maintains a mining base there. Alone. For three years. The rest, well, go find out for yourself. It's definitely worth seeing.

This morning, [ profile] davidlevine and [ profile] kateyule took me out for breakfast, and then we strolled the Fremont Sunday Market. I found a beautiful rosewood elephant made in Kenya, a birthday present to myself. I was, otherwise, a model of self control. Spent the rest of the day at the hospital, as you may have seen from my last LJ posting.

Tomorrow I'm back to work. What I really want more than anything right now is one full day of not doing anything, not leaving the house, having time to myself, and just taking care of mundane household stuff. My plan for tomorrow was to go to work and then go to the hospital. I'm going to monitor myself carefully tomorrow, though, and see how I'm feeling. I'm just exhausted and I may end up just wanting leave work, come home and go to bed. We'll see.

I'm outta here!

Fri, Jul. 10th, 2009 10:26 pm
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The news is good with regard to Mark. Elizabeth's in much better shape and has other friends to stay with her. It's my birthday, too, and while there's still time left, I want to celebrate so I'll be heading out shortly to the Clarion West party.

Thanks, everyone, for sending your good vibes and prayers. As I said earlier, Mark's not out of the woods yet, but the doctor said things are much better. Keeps those prayers and good thoughts coming, just in case.

And thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes. It's been the weirdest-ass birthday I've ever had, but I've got something to celebrate--my friend will be okay--and that's all I need.
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And so here it is: At 3 PM EDT today (that's 11 AM PDT), I'll officially be 47 years old. As [ profile] juliabata, also a July 10 baby, points out, I share my birthday with Nikola Tesla, Marcel Proust, David Brinkley, Fred Gwynne, Arthur Ashe, Ron Glass, and Arlo Guthrie among others. Plus also [ profile] markbourne, my twin brother of another mother (you know, my blond-haired, blue-eyed twin brother) and Spanky who is 15 years old today. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here in the great Pacific Northwest: sunshine, 80-degree temps.

Lots else going on today: Mark's surgery and [ profile] matociquala's Clarion West party, to name a couple. In theory, I'll be attending both. Well, I won't actually be attending Mark's surgery, but I will be at the hospital for [ profile] e_bourne's moral support. I think of today's as Mark's double birthday: new year, new heart valve. Here's hoping it's the start of many good, new things.

As previously mentioned, my dad died at 47 in 1973. I was 11. It didn't occur to me until just recently that I've been approaching this birthday with a certain amount of trepidation. I guess I feel like if I get through this coming year, I'm clear until at least 56, which was the age my mom was when she died. I've been saying all my life that I hope longevity skips generations; naturally, I still feel that way.

I'm hoping the coming year will hold some goodness; 46 certainly did. It's the first time in a long time that I have very little idea what's coming up for me. Work is fluid, I have no nailed-down travel plans (though there's been some discussion of my attending my 30th high school reunion, on which more anon), writing has been difficult lately as has been jeweling (if it's not a word, it is one now!). So it's a year of mystery for me.

At least I'm still here and that, undeniably, is a goodness.
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My delightful house guests have arrived and are graciously saying nothing about the mess that we call my home. Sophie is earning her keep as live entertainment and court jester. Spanky watches impassively.

Tomorrow I turn 47, the age my dad was when he died of a heart attack. Tomorrow [ profile] markbourne turns 48 and gets a new heart. There's a symmetry in that that I haven't quite figured out yet. I'm sure something will come by morning. It's going to be an interesting weekend.

And away we go...
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My birthday on Thursday was perfectly lovely. Work was relatively low stress. Lunch with [ profile] the_monkey_king was delightful, as always. Had dinner that evening with The Usual Suspects at Luigi's Grotto where, upon seeing we were a small group, they asked us for a per-person budget and then made us a fabulous, family-style meal. JH and I went for ice cream (small, small servings) afterward. I was asleep by midnight and could not have been happier at the end of it all. A really perfect day.

Yesterday, the team took me out for my farewell lunch. I still have about a week left on this job, but one of our team members is going on vacation before then and didn't want to miss the event. We went to Canyon's, where the food's perfectly adequate; mostly I was there for the company, and I had to tell the team the truth: this year has been the best year I've ever spent on a team at the Large Software Company in Redmond. I genuinely enjoyed working with the group. I felt like I made a contribution to the team that mattered. I felt like I was taken seriously. If you have to work somewhere (and most of us do), that's not a bad way to spend your time. I made the right choice a year ago. I hope I can be that smart about employment again.

After work I met BC and FM to go see HellBoy II: The Golden Army. I give the movie a B+ (okay, okay, A-) for stunning visuals and costumes, likable characters, a story steeped in myth, and a vision of a sort of alternate New York that's wildly imaginative. And the good news is that if you didn't see the first film, it's really not a problem. You're provided with all the information you need right at the front of the movie.

The rest of my pretty extensive comments, with spoilers, are under the cut )

The short version here is that this is a beautiful movie to watch, a fun adventure with huge ambition and a cool story to see unfold. The pacing is a little off and some of the character stuff rubbed me in the wrong way--though your mileage may certainly vary. But it's well worth seeing, a visual banquet and a lot of fun.
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Woke up this morning to e-cards from [ profile] phgellis and [ profile] setsyoustraight. I received a happy birthday video from my favorite local radio station, which just made me laugh. And lots of LJ birthday wishes. E-mail also brought a note from a friend with compliments on "After This Life" that added to the happiness.

The packages awaiting me contained a tiny Minnie Mouse wristwatch (which will be worn today with complete delight) and something I'd ordered for myself that I completely forgot about.

I also forgot that today's Spanky's birthday, too. There he is in my icon, in all his magnificence. He got lots of pets this morning.

It promises to be a lovely day.

Lastly, I send out birthday wishes to my twin-of-another-mother, [ profile] markbourne, and to [ profile] juliebata. And I send out happy anniversary wishes to [ profile] the_monkey_king & [ profile] shellyinseattle, and [ profile] kenscholes & [ profile] jens_fire. Have a wonderful day, each of you!


Mon, Jul. 24th, 2006 09:12 pm
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Foot: My foot really hurts. I wonder if I've redamaged it somehow. It's just bad tonight. I'm scheduled to see the doctor two weeks from now. I'm thinking about not going to work tomorrow and just spending the day with the foot elevated and iced. Now's not a bad time to call in sick; I'm smack dab between projects.

Crafts: I finished my frame-and-mirror project for my cubicle and brought it in today. It looks really good. Wish I had a picture of it that I could post here. I'm quite proud of it.

Birthday: [ profile] markbourne and his E bestowed upon me a belated birthday present last night, a purple hand-knit washcloth that E made. It's beautiful and I'm going to use it until it's in shreds.

Writing: I woke up this morning with a way to completely restructure the beginning of the novel I've been poking at for a while now in a way that will actually make the book work, rather than keep it chained to the seed idea. Seed ideas can be problematic, I think. My experience with this particular situation is that I fell so in love with the seed idea that it just kept dragging me away from the functional part of the story. With this morning's revelation, I've come to integrate something that I'm sure I heard in the Kris-and-Dean workshop lo these years ago: that seed ideas are great as long as they actually produce a story, but must be discarded if they don't work in the end. Or maybe it wasn't them. Anyway, I'm putting the seed idea away for another time. Its time will come. Eventually.

TV blogging: Project Runway: Finally saw the season's second episode. (My icon is in tribute to tonight's TV viewing; wrong show, I know, but it felt this way to me.) Spoilers hereunder ) Next episode looks interesting. Wonder what comes next.

Sympathy: I send thoughts and prayers out to [ profile] dochyel and family on the sudden and unexpected loss of their beloved kitty Tegan, whom I had a hand in bringing to their doorstep. She was beautiul, well-loved and lived a good life as The Rabbi's Cat. I'm sure both of her household predecessors and Flatbush will welcome her on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I bet that between the three of them, they know where all the good catnip is.

That's it for me. I have a litter box to clean.

A super Sunday

Mon, Jul. 10th, 2006 12:32 pm
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Another lovely day yesterday.

After I took a shower and stopped dithering, I hit the road for Michael's in Tukwila, figuring that if I couldn't find what I wanted there, I could always resort to shopping at IKEA for what I needed.

As it turned out, I found enough of what I wanted at Michaels to be satisfied and keep me busy. What I wanted was a raw wood frame, an unframed mirror, and all the materials needed to do some decoupage. The idea is to create a mirror for my cubicle, not because I want to admire myself, but because I sit with my back to my cubicle door and I don't want to be surprised. At any rate, I found what I needed, and then spent a fun afternoon with [ profile] butterflydrming, [ profile] ironymaiden, [ profile] shellyinseattle and EB crafting it up and being Girlz. We ended the afternoon with a really nice happy hour dinner at the West 5 (yes, the crabcakes were good, but the mac-and-cheese we shared was the best I've ever had!).

Miss Maiden, EB, and I then headed over to [ profile] markbourne's, where the rolling birthday celebration continued. I'd bought a single layer chocolate cake with fudge icing. [ profile] markbourne presented us all with two flavors of ice cream, strawberries and champagne. Yes, folks, it was over-the-top, but don't forget: both [ profile] markbourne and I were celebrating (we're twins, or hadn't you heard?). In any case, it was fabulous.

After that, we all descended to the basement to watch the two-part Season Two finale of Doctor Who, which demands its very own post.

Today, being the official birthday, started with my opening the mystery package I received a few days ago. It was the deluxe edition of "The Fifth Element," a film I like far more than it probably actually merits, sent to me by MW. Tonight, it's off for what I'm sure with be a terrific Thai dinner with a group of Eastside friends.

I send out wishes of the day to [ profile] markbourne one more time—have a great day, Twin!

I should also send out best wishes to [ profile] shellyinseattle and [ profile] the_monkey_king on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. Many happy more, you two!
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I had a lovely Saturday.

After a quick story crit for [ profile] jaylake, the day started with a crepe brunch (as part of my rolling birthday celebration) at Cafe Bouchee in Fremont with a chorus cast of characters ([ profile] ironymaiden and her C, [ profile] pixxelpuss, [ profile] crooked_hill, [ profile] livingdeadpan, and [ profile] miss_swamp) all of whom are delightful (and patient) company. Our crepes took some time coming because they were all made from scratch, but were all worth waiting for. I had the chicken and goat cheese crepe. We discussed everything from chorus business (predictably) to Eleanor of Acquitaine. I was treated to dessert by the owner of the place herself, a delicious, delicate creme brulee with a curly red candle on top.

I spent the better part of the afternoon trolling for cubicle furnishings. I actually found nothing I wanted to pick up, but walking in the sun—on my cane, which is beginning to feel more exhausting to use than helpful—felt good. The sedentariness necessitated by the foot has been very hard for me to take, so getting up and out, even if I was slower than I would have preferred, made me feel a little more human.

(Side rant: Why are there no decent craft stores in Seattle? I hit JoAnn's, but it only nods at non-fabric crafts. Why doesn't Michael's have a store convenient to Seattle proper?)

I spent the evening reading (Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross, about which I'll write more when I finish it), reviewing the notes from Thursday evening's workshop, and then chose to Pay-Per-View "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" (which I've seen before but wanted to see again) rather than taking myself out to the flicks. PPV is less expensive, and it allowed me to elevate my abused foot.

Now, it's a lovely Sunday morning, bright and sunny. I started the morning, as I often do, reading, then turned on "CBS Sunday Morning," which is (IMNSHO) the best magazine-style news on television. They ended the program, as they always do, with two minutes of nature footage, this time a trout stream in the Midwest somewhere; I love this bit of the show.

Now I have to figure out how I'm going to spend today. The day is filled with social options, all of which involve quite a bit of driving. Though I'd like to go write with the crew on the East side, it means doing a drive I'm loath to do on a weekend (because I do it every day during the week). If I don't do it, then I won't have access to Michael's. Dither, dither, dither. I should just go shower and Make A Decision. Nothing will happen today if I don't.
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The week has flown. That being the case, here are short notes on events:

July Fourth with [ profile] ironymaiden, her C, and [ profile] butterflydrming (among others) was just what I'd hoped for: a small barbecue, and then fireworks viewing from Miss Drming's office window overlooking Elliott Bay. We had what amounted to front row seats, and I could feel the building shake with each burst.

I haven't done much of anything very substantial at work this week. I've reviewed the new style guide, a work in progress. I'm currently working on a progress chart for this enormous project we're working on. I'm doing little more than pushing around graphic elements in PowerPoint. I'm feeling very assistant-y right now, and not very lead-y. Looking forward to getting more knowledge under my belt next week, as this stuff, while mildly entertaining, isn't very challenging. Like my boss, though.

Tonight, the workshop crew gave me terrific feedback on my story. Tonight's lessons included things like: be sure you indicate without doubt what gender your characters are; also, your protagonist better damn well know exactly what he's doing when he abandons his sibling to the fairies. I also still need to decide if this story is better told from another character's POV than it is currently. Good arguments were made on both sides tonight. I need to sleep on this. Maybe The Voice (from whom I haven't heard in months) will speak in the morning.

I received a lovely birthday postcard from [ profile] girasole today; thank you! I also received a DVD-shaped package from Amazon in the mail last night. I will not open it until my birthday on Monday. I am a Model of Self-Restraint (tm).

And last but not least, if you're a fan of Rose/Ten, then you might enjoy this shippy fan vid. I admit it: I did, even if the end does still need a little bit of work.


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