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M and I have been having a rough time finding the right pillows. We both appreciate the finer things in life -- that is, sleeping or even just lying peacefully in bed -- but without a good pillow, these finer things are not quite so fine.

In the past year we have gone through many pillows. We have found nothing thus far that suits our needs -- primarily pillows that remain fluffed and plump through the night. A pillow may start out just fine but by a few hours in, it's generally smashed flat.

Were pillows always this way? Or have our heads somehow changed to require more lift?

I think I used a single pillow as a child. Sometime since, I graduated to two pillows. M eventually arrived, and he uses multiple pillows, including some not necessarily supporting one's head. Another friend didn't use pillows at all. I noticed this when visiting his home at some point in our youth. I wonder if he -- now married with adult children -- still sleeps pillow-less? I should ask him. Is that too personal a question?

Until recently we had a pillow graveyard downstairs. We hated to throw out the relatively-new pillows, but we didn't know what else to do with them. Presumably for health reasons, shelters for people and animals would not take them. Eventually the pile went to the landfill. If there were pillow restrictions at the landfill, we didn't see them on the list.

Why Giving to the Red Cross is a Good Thing

Sun, Jul. 23rd, 2017 09:17 pm
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In spite of all their bureaucratic overhead and so forth:

They aren't there just for the big-ticket, wide-screen, 24/7-news-coverage kind of disasters, the ones that wake people up and make them open their pocketbooks. When somebody's house burns down to the ground in a tiny rural town, it's the local Red Cross who get called on for the pillows and blankets to get them through the night, and the spare clothes to get them through the next few days. And those pillows and blankets and spare clothes don't collect and store and distribute themselves.

(This post brought to you by the structure fire today over in Dummer -- Dummer being a small town near Milan, which is a small town near Berlin, NH. And by "small" I mean tiny: population 304 as of the last census. Not exactly the sort of place that makes the national news, or particularly wants to.)
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One: Why do forms meant to be filled out by hand always have spaces far smaller than the length of the information to be entered in them?

And two: Why does my handwriting -- which was perfectly dreadful even back in the days when I was using it regularly for something besides signing my name to checks and official documents -- inevitably deteriorate, when tasked with filling out a form in a legible manner, into something which makes chicken scratches look good, and which furthermore suggests that the writer is more than a little deranged?

(I know, I know. Self-consciousness strikes again. But it is annoying.)

And three: Why has Plushy Grey Basement Cat taken to walking heavily across my keyboard and causing my screen to fill up with typos and weird commands, when she has never exhibited this behavior before in gtykl?:†all the time she's been living with us?
Like that.

Camino Photo of the Day: Leaving Burgos

Sun, Jul. 23rd, 2017 09:06 pm
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We left our albergue before dawn. The dim streetlight made for blurry photos, particularly since I had to hustle to keep up with Francine, who was bound and determined to find us some breakfast. A tricky proposition, since nothing was open yet. Still, Burgos is a big city.

Date: 13 April... (more at http://www.thomryng.com/camino/camino-photo-of-the-day-leaving-burgos/)

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A bit of frustration but a great vacation

Sun, Jul. 23rd, 2017 03:27 pm
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Photobucket has announced that as of the 27th of July, I believe, that they will no longer allow you to post your photos to third party providers of which this site is one of them. This means that years of photos that are attached to various blog entries are going to vanish overnight. The work in progress photos. The how I made this photos. The adventure photos are all going away. Not very happy with this at all.

As much as I would love to post photos of all the things I have been doing and people we have met, I can’t because I know shortly they will be removed. I am looking for suggestions for a good place to host the photos for my blogs because I post this in three to four places.

What have we been doing?

Lots of stuff.

Shorleave, except for the eye problem, was a lot of fun. Peter met a fan who had been waiting 20 years to tell him how much he loved his work. When asked in a Q& A whether he had ever been star struck with all the people he has met while working on the Big Bang Theory, Kevin Sussman (Stewart the comic book shop owner in the show) said, “Yeah, happen today. I got to meet Peter David and tell him how much I loved his work.”

We got to talk to Marina Sirtis who didn’t recognize Peter without a beard but was happy to see him. Caroline got some Gargoyle questions answers and they talked about other topics with great passion.

I spent time hanging out with my ‘gang’ at the convention swapping stories and the like.

I was a prop in AJ’s costume entry. I was dressed up at the 12th Doctor and looked like I had gone through hell.

David read the following as I staggered across the stage

“Once again time, injury, and the BBC have combined to cause the Doctor to regenerate. He’d rather not, but he must because ya’ know contracts”

I stopped turned to the audience and shrugged as if to say ‘what are ya going do?’ and continued to lurch until off stage.

“Determined to be stronger than even and sick of the dumb-ass fans who said he was too old, this new Doctor is determined to give them an incarnation that they will never forget.”

AJ entered with a bow tie and his sonic screwdriver dragging my extra vest.

The audience laughed.

The title of the entry was “The Doctor Falls, but he gets up again. You are never going to keep him down”

So that was fun. Again I have some lovely pictures I would like to show you, but photobucket stinks.

I did various panels talking about various topics and had fun.

Monday was Doc in the Box day.

Tuesday we went to Geppi’s museum and enjoyed ourselves. I have great pics for that but Photobucket…..

Wednesday I got to take Caroline to the Air and Space museum and show her some of my favorite things. Again photos but no photos here. Thanks Photobucket. We touched moon rock. Walked through Skylab. Looked at the restored Enterprise. And wondered why there is a plaque in the exhibit about the solar system all about Sherlock Holmes not knowing about the Solar system. Our conclusion is that Holmes is everywhere.

Thursday we visited with Ariel, Anthony and AJ at their house before driving to Raleigh and the Raleigh SuperCon. Wish you could see the cute AJ photos I took.

Raleigh SuperCon is part of a group of conventions run by the same people who do right by their guests and make the time there as enjoyable as possible. We can highly recommend them if they ask you to be a guest at their conventions. The fans were having a blast too. Lots of great costumes including an incredible Davros which I would love to show you but Photobucket sucks. I met a group of fellow Doctor Who Cosplayers and we had a lot of fun together. We got to talk about the choice of the next Doctor before and after it was announced. My friend Patty was moderating Alex Kingston’s Q&A when she found out. Her reaction was priceless. I got to speak to her and know what I am doing for her River Song puppet.

From Raleigh we went to Orlando and straight to Disney for a couple of days. A lot of fun and really good food was had by all. We saw old friends. We rode pretty much all the rides we wanted. The only disaster was Peter’s cane getting tossed from the Buzz Lightyear ride but we got it back two days later and they gave Peter a loaner. We did not go to Animal Kingdom figuring to let the Pandora fervor lessen before going to see what that is about. Lots of great pictures but ya know Photobucket.

From there we drove to St. Augustine where my parents have had a timeshare for over 30 years for this particular week in July. We are here now just taking a couple of days to regroup and not worry about anything but ‘will we get to the beach once or twice today’ and ‘what’s for the next meal’. It is very relaxing.

Friday we will be going to the Florida SuperCon in Fort Lauderdale where adventures will be had and photos will be taken but then Photobucket so until I find a solution to that, I am down to words to describe what happened.

I am grateful for all the fun we have had so far this trip.

Luxury, indeed

Sun, Jul. 23rd, 2017 07:51 am
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One local movie theater -- located far away from us so we have not visited yet -- has a "zero tolerance" policy about using phones or talking during movies. I guess it could be a success, but I have a feeling that -- similar to police not monitoring speeders (at least, not around here) -- the quaint practice of quiet in the theater is on its way out in the court of public opinion.

Yesterday, M and I went to a movie at another, closer commercial theater for the first time in a long time. We've been to our local nonprofit "art" theater several times recently, where we know what to expect, but we weren't sure what we would encounter at this commercial theater. Our problem was not with the moviegoers, it was the experience presented by the theater.

This regionally-owned complex opened some years ago and, at the time, was right for us. It was fairly close, offered an assortment of movies, had reasonable concessions (all concessions are overpriced, but that's been the model for many years), had well-trained personnel, and -- to us == offered comfortable seating and decent technical capabilities.

Well. Recently, "our" theater excitedly announced NEW LUXURY SEATING, all-reserved seats, and some other changes. I had some worries -- the new seats were advertised as luxury recliners. I do not generally like recliners. I've been to one out-of-town theater with them and hated it.

Yesterday we had a choice of new reclining seats or new non-reclining seats, all represented as "luxury." We chose the latter. The headrest pushed my head too far forward, causing the movie screen to largely be in the wrong focal portion of my glasses. It also hurt my neck. The seat otherwise was okay but I would not call it "luxurious." I rearranged my body to best fit the chair -- shouldn't luxury be the opposite of that? == and put up with it. I was not a happy camper.

The other problem was a series of commercials -- not movie trailers, but actual commercials -- played continuously and LOUDLY before the movie. We could not talk. We could not think. I -- as sort of a rebellious move -- pulled out my phone and tried to concentrate on it but could not. This zillion-commercials-in-a-row policy is the top thing I dislike about today's commercial radio. So, we paid $$$ to see a movie but also have to sit through 15 minutes of LOUD commercials? I noticed a lot of people arriving at the very last minute before the movie started. So that's how other people deal with it? That's totally opposite my philosophy of attending anything, not to mention that I cannot see in the dark.

Yes, a letter to management is in order. I don't expect a refund -- we enjoyed the movie -- but I may not be taking my dollars to this particular theater as often in the future.
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Many apologies: there was no Camino Photo of the Day yesterday. My day was clouded under the influence of a migraine, and nothing useful could be done. Today, however, you have the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of Burgos Cathedral, where daily evening Mass is celebrated. After a pizza (!) dinner,... (more at http://www.thomryng.com/camino/camino-photo-of-the-day-blessed-sacrament-chapel-of-burgos-cathedral/)

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Sat, Jul. 22nd, 2017 09:46 pm
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The phone company guy finally showed up at 7:30, and said he'd tested the outside connections and the problem was inside the house.

We paid last December for a guy to come check inside the house when the phone line was acting wonky, and all he could come up with was recommending that we replace the jack and the splitter and the rest of the connecting stuff. Which we got the material to do, and then the problem went away on its own before Himself got around to it, so the material stayed in the bag we brought it home from the store in for the last six months. Then we had this latest round of dead phone line and yo-yo internet, and Himself finally did all the replacing, but it did no good.

If this keeps up, I'm giving serious thought to going to fiber-optic for internet and cell phone service for the telephone, and the hell with a landline.


Sat, Jul. 22nd, 2017 04:44 pm
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The phone company said that the repair guy would come around today before 6PM to check the line from the street to the house (yes, the one that gets blown loose, if not down, in just the right conditions of heavy wind and rain/snow.) It is now 4:44, so they aren't liars yet.

I'm not holding my breath, though. And if he hasn't shown up by 6:30, I'm calling them again to complain.

Well, Dammit.

Fri, Jul. 21st, 2017 11:55 am
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Jordin Kare has died.

He liked the SCA songs that Peregrynne Wyndryder and I wrote together, and filked a couple of them, which was an honor.

This is not being a good year for fandom.

Teletype machines

Fri, Jul. 21st, 2017 07:26 am
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I've railed against what's happened to the radio industry over time. I prefer the way it used to be, before Big Business took over. I loved radio as a kid and it became my ambition to work in the business.

The downfall of radio possibly began as traditional teletype machines were edged out the door. You know those clackety-clack devices -- you've seen them in old movies if not in real newsrooms. Newspapers, television and radio stations, weather facilities, police stations all used to have them. They weren't only noisy, they were smelly, prone to breaking down, messy to keep operating. At smaller radio stations, they were a source of endless wasted paper when one needed only a bit of what was produced. They took up space, required endless supplies, and subscriptions had to be paid for. And did I mention the noise?

Ah, but looking back, the teletype machine was the background noise of all media. It was a common bond among radio stations, no matter what music was played. If there was a strong leaning towards news, there may have been **multiple** teletypes, increasing the mess, supplies, space, and noise.

I was at our local station the day the draft numbers came through for my year of birth. I stood by the teletype, holding my breath until my (fortunately high) number came across. I saved that listing (and still have it in some box, where its ink has since faded). I was around teletypes for bulletins, for weather emergencies, for big sports score announcements, for errors that had to be corrected, and for lots and lots of everyday news. Their sound and smell permeated every radio station I worked at -- until the technology changed.

Today, it's all done on a silent computer, if a station even subscribes at all. (Years ago, the FCC dropped its mandatory carriage of news, and that led to many stations eliminating or greatly curtailing news on radio and many canceling subscriptions to wire services.) A succession of quieter and more efficient teletype devices replaced the noisy and messy historical devices.

How does one even **know** one is in a newsroom anymore? It might as well be an insurance company office. Sometimes I'll go online for the sound of a teletype and just listen. For all the annoyances it represents, it's a comforting sound to me.

The Friday Five for July 21, 2017

Fri, Jul. 21st, 2017 04:06 am
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1. Have you come to the conclusion that your parents music (music popular in their time) isn't so bad?

2. Is there a song/group/singer you once adored, but don't now?

3. Is there a song/group/singer you once despised, but is okay now?

4. Have you ever heard a favorite song and suddenly had a reinterpretation its meaning?

5. What song would you just as soon never hear again?

Copy and paste to your own journal, then reply to this post with a link to your answers. If your journal is private or friends-only, you can post your full answers in the comments below.

If you'd like to suggest questions for a future Friday Five, then do so on DW or LJ. Old sets that were used have been deleted, so please feel free to suggest some more!

**Remember that we rely on you, our members, to help keep the community going. Also, please remember to play nice. We are all here to answer the questions and have fun each week. We repost the questions exactly as the original posters submitted them and request that all questions be checked for spelling and grammatical errors before they're submitted. Comments re: the spelling and grammatical nature of the questions are not necessary. Honestly, any hostile, rude, petty, or unnecessary comments need not be posted, either.**

A brief foodie interlude

Thu, Jul. 20th, 2017 03:15 pm
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PNW summer joys: saffron salmon rice salad, made with smoked salmon I picked up from a local farmstand.

This shit's good enough, and pretty enough, to make it onto the list for my next dinner party, but also easy enough to be on the workday rotation....


The Poetry of Apollo

Thu, Jul. 20th, 2017 05:46 pm
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On July 20, 1969, man first set foot upon the Moon. The project that took us to the Moon was called Apollo, ostensibly after the Greek god associated with hunting, harmony, and healing.
Perhaps the folks over at NASA had sense of humour, or maybe God the poet was at work again, for July 20 is... (more at http://www.thomryng.com/amateurmonk/the-poetry-of-apollo-2017/)

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This is a lovely example of a Spanish street (alley, really) with steps. You will find these pre-automobile streets everywhere on the Camino where a town or city has a serious elevation gain. And since most medieval towns were built on or next to easily defensible hills, that’s a... (more at http://www.thomryng.com/camino/camino-photo-of-the-day-some-streets-have-stairs/)

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Dog stuff

Thu, Jul. 20th, 2017 07:49 am
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1. M has been out of town for a few days on a business trip. I am fully in charge of the dogs, which the dogs do not particularly like for many reasons, chief among them that M much more freely gives them treats.

2. The dogs seem to have a middle of the night playtime that I was not previously familiar with. I thought that generally M also sleeps at night -- or at least that has been my observation -- so either he sneaks out under cover of darkness and plays with the dogs or, more likely, they see me all alone and are feeling pity on me and are trying to help.

3. I got a haircut yesterday. My hair "stylist" (way too serious a term for what he has to do with what remains on my head) has his salon in his home. He also has a couple of dogs, normally sequestered in another section of the house, but released when friends and/or dog lovers come for an appointment. I enjoy seeing them and presumably the feeling is mutual. Yesterday they did a lot of rubbing and jumping. As I feared, when I got home, there was a lot of sniffing and accusatory looks. I feel like I cheated on my dogs or something.

4. It has been rather hot in Omaha recently. The dogs like it when I'm home, because the air conditioner is turned to a cooler setting. Conversely, it's set higher when I'm away. I'm wondering if they are REALLY TRULY happy to see me when I get home, or if they know I'm going to cool the house more.

what i saw July 19, 2017 at 09:58PM

Thu, Jul. 20th, 2017 04:58 am
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Four goals, four players. CUT OFF ONE HEAD, TWO MORE WILL RISE something i saw

Camino Photo of the Day: Lost No More

Wed, Jul. 19th, 2017 03:10 pm
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I confess that, what with all of the mazy, crooked streets and endless courtyards in the medieval center of Burgos, I may have gotten slightly lost in my exploring. Of course, with no clear destination to my wandering, I suppose I wasn’t technically lost. I’d just misplaced myself... (more at http://www.thomryng.com/camino/camino-photo-of-the-day-lost-no-more/)

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