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The Odyssey: A French biopic about inventor/explorer Jacques Cousteau. Nicely shot, well-paced, with some beautiful underwater photography, the film concentrates almost more on Cousteau's personal life than it does on his career, which makes for an interesting personal take on his story. I learned things I didn't know about Cousteau, as well as about his son Philippe, an award-winning cinematographer. Good film; glad I saw it.

Divine Divas: A documentary about eight groundbreaking drag stars in Brazil, their lives, their careers, and their return to the Rival Theater, where they got started, for the venue's 50th anniversary. Directed by the theater's owner, Leandra Leal, an actress and star in her own right, the film includes stories of her growing up in the theater and her memories of these performers in their youth. The movie has a certain sweetness about it. I admit, however, that I found it about 20-30 minutes too long, and some of the subtitles clearly lost something in translation which made this, for me, a little bit of a jumble. SIFF's description of the film describes it as an award-winner, so perhaps different eyes will see it differently.


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